Tiger Woods’ Back Surgery and Moving On

Tiger Woods, the golf legend, had back surgery, it was recently disclosed. Though we wish him a swift recovery, it’s difficult to ignore the controversy that rocked the globe over ten years ago. When Tiger’s cheating scandal surfaced back in November 2009, it damaged his reputation both on and off the golf course.

Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel were Tiger Woods’ two children together at the time of their marriage to Elin Nordegren. Charlie’s birth coincided with the revelation of his adultery, which caused his marriage to disintegrate and his golf career to take a nosedive. The incident was all the more stunning because he had over 100 women with whom he had affairs.

The first woman associated with Tiger throughout this affair was Rachel Uchitel. In an attempt to dispel the accusations from his wife, he even set up a phone call with his mistress. But finally the truth was revealed, and in August 2010 they got divorced.

While some may not think it’s acceptable for someone to keep making the same mistake, others recognize that mistakes are inevitable, especially in certain situations. Tiger’s actions caused his marriage to suffer, but Elin persevered with incredible grace and resilience.

Even though Elin was only thirty years old at the time of their divorce, she was awarded a sizeable $100 million settlement. She used that to buy a stunning mansion in North Palm Beach. She recently brought the mansion for around $29 million. Elin has moved on and fallen in love with billionaire coal tycoon and philanthropist Chris Cline. Regretfully, Chris’s untimely death in a helicopter accident in 2017 also marked the end of their romance.

Despite all of the difficulties, Elin and Tiger have been able to co-parent their kids amicably. Elin has made the decision to set aside her grudges and baggage in order to prioritize their two kids. She even gets along well with Erica Herman, Tiger’s current girlfriend, and is thrilled that the two of them are content.

During a 2016 interview, Tiger discussed his kids, stating, “We have Charlie and Sam.” And we will stop at nothing to ensure that works because we love them so much. It’s amazing how much better we communicate now. It’s been amazing to having a great buddy like that, but I wish we had done that sooner.

Tiger’s acts will always remain a part of their history, despite the passage of time since their divorce. Although Elin hasn’t discussed the incident in public, she did call their divorce “the wild storm of my personal life.” Despite the circumstances, she has been able to laugh about them, making jokes about how she doesn’t take notes in a communications and media class.


We are inspired by Elin Nordegren’s fortitude, resiliency, and good humor in the face of hardship. She’s moved on, found love, and put her kids’ welfare first. We hope that Tiger Woods, who is undergoing back surgery, will be able to move forward and start over.

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