Workers were removing the old house when they discovered a hundred-year-old chest concealed beneath the floor. They opened it in front of the camera…

The house on the edge of town stood abandoned for decades. After the purchase, the decision was made to fix the floor, and the new owner hired workers to demolish the floor. The builders found an old chest hidden beneath the first floors after the owner had left the building. They debated for a while before deciding to open it and take pictures of what was inside.

Without a doubt, the chest was older than a century. Since no repairs were made to the house, it was most likely not hidden by the previous owners. A winch and cables were used to try to remove the box, but it was too heavy. The castle needed to be ground down using a grinder due to its extreme rusting. After that, the hinges were sawed off since they would not open. Beneath the lid, the builders found neatly folded silver ingots instead of old rubbish. Of course, the owner was called to the scene, and he also called the appraiser.

Based only on weight, the discovery was valued as 15 million rubles. Given the historical significance of the ingots, the owner is probably going to get paid more for the treasure. Not everyone is fortunate enough to find a silver treasure. At the very least, the owner of the house paid for the purchase.

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