6-year-old boy said to his mother he found his twin at school

When six-year-old Luke revealed to his mother Amy that he had a twin at school, she was taken aback.

Amy enjoyed a wonderful life with Jeff and their son Luke for a long time, enjoying wonderful times together as a family.

Luke told his mother Amy about his day when he returned from school one day.

Luke began, “Mom, I swear…

“Remember what we said about swearing?” Amy questioned her kid.


“I’m telling you, Mom—Luna is my twin sister,” he went on.


Amy said in a perplexed tone, “Luke, you’re an only child, honey.”


“No, Mom! I mean it. I look like Luna, and we share the same birthday. The teachers also believe that we are twins.

Luke would not stop talking about Luna, what she would like to do, dress, eat, etc. as Amy cooked.

“Mum, she’s fantastic. You’ll enjoy her. Luke stated at the time.

Amy believed that Luna was Luke’s special pal because Jeff was still away from home.

“Do you believe you possess a picture of Luna?” Then, she asked her son. Luke grabbed the class portrait and hurried to his bedroom. Amy realized that even though she had previously seen the photo, she had only ever noticed her son until Luke pointed Luna’s finger at it.

However, Luna bore a striking likeness to Luke, so much so that her mother-in-law was likewise perplexed by the similarity.

“How about we ask Luna over?” Amy enquired of Luke. “We can have a playdate if her mom is cool with it.”

“Do you believe she will attend?” Luke inquired. “Like, come on over?”

Amy grinned at her kid and said, “I’ll talk to her mom when I drop you off tomorrow.”

Jeff was so exhausted when he got home from work that they didn’t discuss the events of the day. Amy was unable to fall asleep as Jeff went straight to bed following supper. The morning came as she battled.

After dropping Amy off at school, Amy went to see Penelope, who was Luna’s mother. After that, they set up a playdate.

Penelope remarked, “Luna talks about Luke all the time, Amy.” “Spending time together outside of school will be fantastic.”

Jeff was also home when the day came and Penelope brought Luna for the playdate. Upon witnessing the just cooked cookies, he inquired, “What’s happening? We’re hosting guests, right?

Yes, Amy replied. However, she chose to keep quiet about the matter since she mistrusted her husband.

There was a knock on the door, and when Luke opened it, Luna ran to where Jeff was. Jeff became pale as he saw Penelope and Luna in the landscape.

“Papa!” “I told you she was my sister,” cried Luna. Luke answered. Penelope was taken aback.

They began to converse as they let the kids play.

“Mary, it was a long time ago,” Jeff continued. “Well, that was right before we discovered that you were expecting Luke.”

Amy disclosed the truth after finding out about Jeff’s one-night affair from years ago. While Jeff was speaking, Penelope remained mute.

“So you were aware?” Amy enquired. “You knew the whole time?”

Jeff declared, “I had to meet her.” “All other options were closed off to me.”

Penelope remarked, “I told Jeff to keep it a secret.” “Being Luna’s only mother didn’t bother me, and my family supported me anytime I needed it.”

Jeff stated at the time, “I never meant for any of this to happen.”

“Why were the children placed in the same school?” Amy enquired. Did you truly believe that their paths would not cross?

Penelope then began to speak, saying, “Jeff was unaware of the school.” I recently enrolled Luna in it, and in any case, Jeff only knows the barest details about my kid because that’s what he desired.

Amy walked outside to see how the kids were doing since she was puzzled and needed some time to clear her head. She observed Luke and Luna having fun. She gave in to Jeff’s persuasion and agreed to undergo couple’s counseling for their son because she no longer trusted her spouse.

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