When Leland’s parents came home to pick out clothes for the boy’s funeral, they found a note from their son. They broke down as soon as they saw it. Read the full story below

I hope you have some tissues on hand when you read this story because you will definitely need them—I shed a few tears for this young kid, and I know you will too!

Before he passed away, this adorable little boy named Leland Shoemake wanted his parents to receive this kind and heartfelt message from him.

On September 25, this little child, who was receiving treatment for the brain-eating amoeba Balamuthia mandrillaris, passed away from his ailment. He was only six years old.

When his parents came home without their kid, they discovered a note; it was unique and something they will always value and love!

Tim discovered the note in their living room—a spot where he enjoyed to paint and draw—while his mother was in his room getting everything ready for the burial.

As soon as he saw the note, Time started crying. He hurried to show his wife the note he had discovered.

The message merely stated this:

“Remaining by your side. I’m grateful, dad and mom. I adore my parents.Source: The Shoemake Foundation of Leland

Amber stated:

“It would be an understatement to say I lost it.We spent a very long time crying together.

Their young child wrote them letters and pictures on a regular basis, but this particular one was so much more meaningful than the others that they chose to frame it and hang it in the living room.

Mom claims that Leland was an intelligent and inquisitive young boy in her earlier Facebook posts!About him, Amber wrote:

By the time he became one year old, he was familiar with his ABCs, numbers, colors, shapes, and twenty sight words. We adored the fact that he was our little nerd. He liked learning and going to school. He adored documentaries, the history channel, the weather channel, and all things historical.He was a voracious learner.Source:

Not only was Leland a bright youngster, but he was also quite talkative and liked chatting with both his parents and other people. Everyone who came into contact with him was able to detect his charming, kind attitude, and his parents even acquired new friends as a result of him.Source: The Shoemake Foundation of Leland

 Source: The Leland Shoemake Foundation

He was a truly beautiful youngster who was stolen from us far too soon, before he could fully develop!

Words really cannot express how much it means to any parent to find something like this in these circumstances, but this note he left behind was absolutely lovely and something that everyone should see.

About Leland, Amber stated:

We cherished the fact that he was our little nerd. He enjoyed learning and going to school.

“He adored everything historical, including documentaries, the weather channel, and the history channel.”

He had a passion for studying about WWII and ships like the Titanic. He was flawless. Jaws was one of his favorite films.

The filmmaker Steven Spielberg was his favorite. And Adam Sandler was his favorite actor.

“He had a great love for his family and his brother. He made every gathering more lively. A metropolis could be illuminated by his smile.

“He was the most loving, compassionate, and intelligent little boy I have ever met.”

We send this little child our love and prayers, and we know that everyone who knew him, especially his parents, will miss him terribly!

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