Wife heard the conversation of her husband with his family, which it left her devastated

On August 6, 2022, a Redditor posted a story on the “AITA” subreddit. The Redditor claimed to have overheard her husband conversing with his family while they were on vacation with her husband’s family; she had not been invited, but she had wanted to go.

The vacation was planned by his family last week. Curious, I asked if I might attend. My spouse was hesitant, but I persuaded him that it would be a wonderful chance to learn more about his family. His family was taken aback to see me but yet embraced me when he decided to take me. In her post, OP wrote.

While the Redditor was making the cucumber salad on the third day of the vacation, the entire family was chatting at the outdoor table. She heard her mother-in-law ask, “Did she really have nowhere else to spend the weekend?” as she began to approach them.


Unaware of the person her mother-in-law was referring to, she heard her spouse exclaim, “I KNOW!!!!” Furthermore, I didn’t want to take her with me, but what could I do? You are aware of her pushiness.

The Redditor was devastated to learn that they were talking about her. “I cooked, cleaned, and took care of the kids the entire time I was there, and this is how they saw me? An annoyance to them? The Redditor was taken aback.

She later bought a ticket home right away and took the first available plane to get back. He texted and called, but all I did in response was let him know I was at home. After I got back, he became enraged with me, accusing me of being juvenile and disrespectful.


He responded, “I was wrong to eavesdrop and his family will warm up to me on their terms so I should stop pushing to be around that when they don’t feel comfortable with it,” when I told him I overheard the conversation he had with his mom.

“Basically saying it was my fault for coming along in the first place,” the Redditor concluded. He said that returning home left his family feeling let down and damaged their perception of me.

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