CÉLINE DION ‘doesn’t have control over her muscles’ due to illness, says sister

The well-known Canadian singer Céline Dion is still suffering stiff person syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that causes physical weakness.

When Céline’s elder sister Claudette learned of her sickness, she became concerned and revealed that her sister “doesn’t have control over her muscles.” Her illness is degenerative and incurable, thus there are many difficulties in her way of returning to the stage despite her great work ethic. Claudette emphasized that there hasn’t been much research done on this condition because it only affects one person in every million.Patients with sick person syndrome may have profound mobility deficits or even turn into “human statues.” Céline’s determination and enthusiasm for life were shown when Claudette refuted rumors that she was restricted to a wheelchair. Céline is following the advice of her Denver medical team and is resolute in her goal to recover.Fans have been incredibly supportive despite the challenges.

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