Surgeon that tried to save Princess Diana’s life gives first ever account on what really happened

The entire world adored Princess Diana. She was humorous, grounded, a loving mother, and an amazing role model for a lot of people.

Nobody will ever forget the terrible Parisian car tragedy that claimed Diana’s life. The world grieved Diana, and her legacy will go on indefinitely.



What actually transpired in Paris that evening? And what wounds did she have? MonSef Dahman, the physician who attempted to save Diana’s life that terrible night, has now made his first public statement.

William and Harry, Diana’s sons, were left motherless after her unexpected death shocked the whole country. There has been much discussion and debate about the horrific vehicle incident and its possible cause. Nevertheless, one individual who was caught up in the catastrophe has recently come forward.

At the time, MonSef Dahman, a surgeon, was employed by a hospital in Paris, and it was his responsibility to attempt to keep Diana alive.

He has detailed all that transpired in a recent interview with Daily Mail.

“The realization that you have lost a significant individual, someone you personally cared about, leaves you forever changed,” he stated to the British news source.

First of all, Dahman wasn’t even meant to be at work that evening. His wife was pregnant when he started working as a young duty general surgeon at the largest hospital in France. They were going to take a vacation, but instead of leaving Paris because his wife was expecting their second child, they chose to stay.

Dahman thus worked all summer. The shifts were unusually long because he was a junior doctor. Additionally, he began working at 8 a.m. on this specific Saturday and continued to work until 2 a.m.

It was, according to Dahman, a “pretty easy” day. He had been spared from having to carry out any challenging tasks and was able to take a few moments of relaxation.

But things took a sharp turn about two in the morning.

Diana’s vehicle broke down in a Paris tunnel at around 12:23 in the morning. Doctors treated her for a long time on the spot, but while in the ambulance, she went into cardiac arrest.

Diana arrived at the hospital just after two in the morning, at the latest.

“I received a call from Bruno Riou, the senior duty anesthetist, instructing me to proceed to the emergency room while I was sleeping in the duty room,” Dahman stated to Daily Mail. I was just informed that a young woman had been involved in a serious accident; I was not informed that it was Lady Diana.

At the time, Dahman was thirty-three years old. It dawned on him how severe the situation was when he returned from the bathroom, which was roughly fifty meters from the emergency room.

And he found out that the person on the stretcher was Princess Diana as soon as he entered the room.

He recalled, “It only took that one moment for all of this unusual activity to become clear to me.”

It is crucial for any medical professional, especially a surgeon, to deal with a young lady in this state. But naturally, if she is a princess, then more so.

After Diana arrived at the hospital, an X-ray showed that she had sustained severe internal injuries. She was given a transfusion of blood right away.

Diana experienced another heart attack only fifteen minutes after arriving. Despite Dahman’s surgical efforts, the Princess’s injuries were too severe.

Her heart just wouldn’t beat again.

“We attempted multiple electric shocks and cardiac massage, just as I had in the emergency department,” Dahman said. “Adrenaline had been given by Professor Riou. We were unable to restart her heartbeat, though.

Diana struggled for her life, as did Dahman and his medical staff. However, ultimately, their options were limited. He clarified that saving the lives of those who were brought in made him “happy and proud” and that Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital was among the best in all of France for these kinds of emergencies.

He initially felt hopeful in Diana’s case. They were ultimately unable to save her, though.

He remarked, “We really tried a lot, we really fought hard.” To be honest, you don’t realize how much time is passing when you work in those circumstances. Making every effort for this young lady is the only thing that matters.

Princess Diana

“We failed to save her. And that had a big impact on us.

Like it was yesterday, recalls it

Every year when August draws near, MonSef Dahman—a surgeon currently practicing in the French town of Antibes—remembers that awful night at the hospital in 1997. He watched the funeral, along with millions of other people worldwide. A tragedy occurred.

He told Daily Mail, “A lot of years have passed, so I don’t go back to it all the time.” However, I’ve received copies of every new book [about Diana’s passing] that has been published in France. I regret to say that I own a number of these books.

Because of her enduring spirit and legacy, Princess Diana continues to be adored by people everywhere. There will shortly be a new documentary about the late Princess.

According to Express, there will be fresh information concerning Princess Diana’s final days revealed in the ninety-minute movie. In the video, journalist and royal specialist Richard Kay says he was the last person to speak with Diana before the catastrophic automobile crash.

Diana funeral

That evening, I talked to her. Kay said, “The police said she called me the last time.”

brand-new Diana documentary

Diana and Prince Charles eventually got divorced a year before she passed away. It is now asserted by some publications that Diana feared the Queen and Charles were preparing a scheme to keep her away from William and Harry. Biographer Howard Hodgson, the author of Charles: The Man Who Will Be King (2007), claims this.

“She knew full well that the Queen was empowered by the Constitution and common law to assume responsibility for the upbringing and education of both boys,” stated Hodgson.

Diana might be excluded if she ultimately severed all ties with the Royal Family because “so she could become the boys’ guardian or even appoint one: this would probably be their father.”

Richard Kay stated that he thought Diana was in “quite a good place” following her breakup with Prince Charles. She had just begun a new chapter in her life when all of a sudden, she and her kids were deprived of everything.

Kay stated, “She was truly desperate to try and start over and do something different, to explore a different kind of Royalty.” “And she desired to visit her boys when she returned.”

“The most sorrowful individual in history”

Princess Diana’s “remarkable life” will be honored in the upcoming biopic. The documentary was released at the “ideal moment to re-examine her life and legacy,” according to Executive Producer David Glover.

Princess Diana “has a certain something magical about her, and even with her personal struggles, she was able to use her relationship with people to do enormous amounts of good,” Glover remarked.

“To revisit her life and legacy and investigate how she went from a relatively unknown teenager to the most mourned person in history, it seems like the right time to mark her 60th birthday.”

The inauguration of a new statue of their mother was announced by Harry and William in 2017. Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden will host the statue’s unveiling on July 1.

Meghan Markle is not expected to attend Harry’s mother’s monument unveiling, according to the most recent reports. Rather, Harper’s Bazaar reports that she will remain at the couple’s Montecito residence to tend to their infant.

Meghan Markle

Another insider told Entertainment Tonight that Meghan had recently given birth and had no intention of going to London for the memorial service scheduled for the statue unveiling.

William & Harry about their mom

Harry and William came together in 2017 to discuss their mother Diana on the 20th anniversary of her death.

“Give us an example when people say, ‘She was funny.'” Harry said, “All I can hear is her laugh.”

“She used to watch us play football and sneak candy into her socks. I remember walking back from a football game with five packages of candy. She was one of the silliest parents.” And just, there were candy all over the clothing.

William stated, “We felt incredibly loved by her, and I’m very grateful that the love feels there today.” It seems like a nice moment to pay tribute to her and, ideally, show a fresh angle.

Harry said, “You could feel that love even though she was on the other side of the room as her son.”

Harry and William

It must be an extremely unique experience to grow up in the Royal Family. Financial resources will always be available, but life also involves obligations and responsibilities.

newly discovered Princess Diana correspondence

It’s difficult to determine the extent to which William and Harry’s mother provided them with a “normal” childhood. But lately, Princess Diana’s old letter came to light.

We see a brief but lovely insight into William and Harry’s early years in the letter. Furthermore, there is the extremely unique childhood bond that the two share.

Six months after the birth of her youngest son, Harry, Diana sent the letter in March 1985.

“William adores his younger brother and hardly lets the parents near during the entire time, lavishing Harry with an endless supply of hugs and kisses!” According to The Sun, Diana wrote a handwritten letter that says.

Sent to Cyril Dickman, a former servant at Buckingham Palace, the letter was auctioned in Cambridge in 2017.

In additional correspondence, Princess Diana disclosed that Prince Harry, who was then older, was “always in trouble” at school. She also talked in her writings about the happiness that comes with being a mother and the “difficult period” that she would soon enter.

Went out for fast food with William and Harry.

William and Harry were frequently taken to theme parks and other entertaining places by Princess Diana. She was aware of the perks of living as a royal, though, such as always having food served to them.

Despite their royal status, she understood how important it was for William and Harry to be treated like any other child. She would occasionally slip them out of the palace to obtain fast meals in light of this.

According to Darren McGrady, Diana’s former personal chef, “I remember the princess came into the kitchen one day and said, ‘Cancel lunch for the boys, I’m taking them out, we’re going to McDonald’s,” Marie Claire was told.

I said, ‘Oh my God, your Royal Highness, I can pull that off, I can make burgers.'” She responded, “No, that’s the toy they want.”

Our affection for Princess Diana will never fade. I appreciate everything you did to save Diana’s life, MonSef Dahman and the rest of the medical staff. We think you and every other medical professional are heroes.

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