At 78, Dolly Parton stirs debate in leggy “zebra” outfit – and fans notice detail on her knee

It’s safe to say that Dolly Parton has always been in the public eye. The country music legend has mesmerized audiences for decades with her beauty and skill, and it’s safe to say that her confidence is something to be envied.

In other words, Dolly isn’t one to hide from the camera, and throughout the years, her fans have become accustomed to seeing her in a variety of styles. The 78-year-old really admitted previously that she makes an effort to seem put together all the time in case she needs to be rushed to the hospital unexpectedly.

Since the release of her first rock album, Rockstar, Dolly has been in the news a lot—though, let’s face it, when is she not?—and one specific ensemble in particular has created a lot of online discussion.

Flaunting one’s style and Dolly Parton go together like salt and pepper. In other words, they are regarded as the standard, and followers are always eager to provide their opinions whenever the Queen of Country makes an appearance interspersed with a daring fashion statement.

After the 78-year-old posted a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a skimpy “zebra” dress, it appears that this is the time of year again.

In question, Dolly wore a dress with a zebra motif and knee-high boots with zebra patterns. A lot of people commented on the singer’s knee, highlighting how toned her legs were.


“Excellent, but what’s wrong with your left knee?”Someone penned something.

“It doesn’t look like something Dolly would wear,” said another.

Fans largely praised Dolly for her post, which she captioned, saying, “They say if you can dream it, you can have it.”

Oh Miss Dolly, on fire! rock on,” an admirer commented.

“Grab it, Dolly, Aunt!” Another person said.

“I love your outfit and you look amazing in it,” a third person said. However, my Lord girl, I can’t believe how gorgeous your knees look. They’re incredible.

“You look freaking stunning in that outfit,” remarked the fourth person.

Beyoncé’s rendition of Jolene received Parton’s approval lately, despite some critics saying “Queen Bey” shouldn’t be experimenting with the genre. The song is part of Beyoncé’s debut album, Cowboy Carter, which is her first foray into the country music scene.

Parton tweeted on Wednesday night, saying, “Listen to my original ‘Jolene’ while you wait for @Beyonce’s COWBOY CARTER – Dolly P.”

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