But where is the cheater hiding in this class? An IQ of 132+ already sees this.

Find a student who is cheating on an exam by conducting an investigation like to that of Sherlock Holmes. For those who are skilled at spotting a hidden heart among pink flamingos, this visual challenge is easy. Ready for the eagle eyes test?

The popularity of visual puzzles is growing, drawing a large number of devoted internet followers who are eager to unlock the secrets concealed in images.

You will be tasked with finding the cheater in a hectic exam setting if you accept this mission. It will take precisely fifteen seconds to finish this. Are you ready to dive straight in? We are awaiting your reply.


Just a gentle reminder that these puzzles are fun for individuals of all ages and force you to use your brain. Take your loved ones on mental challenges at these times.

Unlike traditional games like chess or crosswords, visual challenges test visual acuity as well as cognitive ability. Utilize your sharp eyesight and brain power to solve these puzzles fast!

Did you witness the cheating student? You could be a detective, if that’s the case! If not, you shouldn’t panic because there are other visual riddles to work out.

Your response to the visual challenge matters. Well done if you were able to track down the cheating student! You have great observational skills. If you are still stuck and can’t figure it out, here are some more visual riddles. Remain positive!

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