Little boy whose photo went viral while he battled cancer gets all clear and is back in school

Many of us will unfortunately have to deal with cancer at some point in our lives.

Even if we may not personally be impacted by the horrible illness, there’s a good chance that someone we know or love will.

We’ve covered a wide range of cancer-related stories at Newsner, including heartbreaking, motivational, and victorious ones. But of all the stories, the one about 2-year-old Beckett moved us the most.

The young youngster in the terrifying image above might be familiar to you.

In 2019, Beckett’s mother, Kaitlin Burge, shared an image on social media showing her two-year-old boy being consoled by his older sister while undergoing chemotherapy.

On April 25, 2018, Beckett was reportedly diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and started treatment right away.

Aubrey, who was four years old at the time, had to watch helplessly while her infant brother fought to muster the energy to play, much less walk.

Bright Side said that Kaitlin described how Beckett was treated for cancer in the hospital for 35 days, during which Aubrey was unable to visit him. She was aware of his severe illness and the medical professionals attending to him, but it was all too much for her to process.

Thankfully, Beckett’s treatment was successful, and the small child is currently cancer-free.

“I smiled even though I saw my only son go through so much.” I saw my little Aubrey persevere through a trying period and grow so self-sufficient,” Kaitlin said.

“She witnessed her best friend/brother in a situation that no sibling ought to ever encounter.”

Following two years of resolute battle, Beckett has overcome his cancer and is back in school.

“He is feeling great, he is done with treatment, and he is back to school, currently in the first grade,” Kaitlin stated.

The six-year-old Beckett and his heroic older sister established a friendship during an almost unfathomable battle, and we’re sure she’s happy to hear that he’s doing well!

The bad days pass.

Motivating tales like Beckett’s have the power to help the rest of us put our daily problems into perspective.

Even though it can be challenging to remember, it is always beneficial to keep in mind that both happy and bad times are transitory; even though you cannot see it now, there will eventually come an end, and better things are usually waiting around the corner.

The fact that Beckett survived his cancer struggle and is now in good health is something we are incredibly grateful for. Cancer is a terrible disease, and the sooner we eradicate it completely, the better!

You must concur that disease has no place in this world, much less when it comes to defenseless children.

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