The girl sang with such a voice that the audience was moved, and the jury immediately said yes

Children’s souls have captivating talents that are shown through a kaleidoscope of wonderful tales woven into the great tapestry of human marvels. These stories, which show the amazing achievements of youthful prodigies who defy expectations and convention, are woven throughout our collective psyche.
They move through the domains of expression, creativity, and craftsmanship with a fluidity that belies the limitations imposed by traditional training or formal schooling. Today, we set out on a journey to reveal one such bright star—a youthful, dazzling soul whose brilliance shines on the shadowy recesses of the human spirit. Introducing Laura, a name that will go down in entertainment history as a legendary figure. She enchanted everyone who watched her spectacular performance on the kid-friendly version of the critically acclaimed television series “The Voice” when she was just thirteen years old.
Whitney Houston I will Always Love You Laura The Voice Kids 2013 Blind Audition SAT 1

Laura made the daring and courageous decision to use Whitney Houston’s classic song “I Will Always Love You” as her medium for artistic expression. A decision that could appear intimidating for someone so young, considering the song’s sophisticated subjects and great emotional depth. Laura, however, took on the challenge with courage and brought her soul-stirring interpretation of the legendary song to life, captivating the judges and onlookers alike.

Laura Kamhuber, Luisa, Laurin - Because Of You | The Voice Kids 2013 - Battle - YouTube

Laura’s performance tape quickly rose to prominence as a source of inspiration and hope, winning the hearts and minds of more than 130 million people across the globe. Her composure, grace, and skill on stage propelled her into the upper tiers of artistic greatness that are only attained by a select few, beyond ordinary aptitude. Laura serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for upcoming generations of dreamers and visionaries as she navigates the vastness of the entertainment industry. She is a living example of the infinite potential found in the human spirit.

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