Drew Barrymore’s ‘Humble’ Oven Goes Viral in Her Spring Cleaning Video: ‘A Real Used Kitchen’

Fans have long loved Drew Barrymore for her memorable roles, lively demeanor, and candid talks on The Drew Barrymore Show. Her kitchen, though, is something else that her fans have recently grown to like.

Tuesday, April 16 saw Drew Barrymore share a video of herself doing a spring cleaning in her kitchen. “It’s spring cleaning, everyone!” she said as she paced the room. See that drawer? It’s empty now. How do I edit? She went on to display two more drawers that were empty and had been thoroughly cleaned. She said in a sing-along voice, “Spring cleaning edit!”

While the majority of her fans were impressed by her neatly arranged cabinets, many others were drawn to her oven. An actual used kitchen. One user said, “I think Drew might be an original,” while another added, “When you love Drew even more because of her stove!” Her modest stove was appreciated by others, one of whom commented, “Your stove is so humble.” It appears that Drew Barrymore’s more understated oven has connected with her admirers in a world where celebrities frequently own cutting-edge ovens with several uses.

Fans are smitten with more than just the oven, though. They also value her kitchen’s general “normal” vibe. Watchers can see that she doesn’t have a beautiful drawer only for spices in the film. Rather, she has a spice rack that is mounted and tucked into the wall’s left corner. “Drew!” exclaimed a fan, summarizing the reaction to the video as a whole. Like the rest of us, your kitchen is really ordinary. I adore this.

Drew Barrymore has opened her house to admirers on previous occasions. In an earlier TikTok video, she gave viewers a peek inside her life and talked about how much she loved “staying in.” She displayed pictures of her girls, a dresser, and racks of clothes in her medium-sized walk-in wardrobe. The “normal” vibe of her home has captivated fans.


Many people have found resonance in Drew Barrymore’s practical approach to her kitchen and house. Seeing a famous person appreciate the charm and simplicity of a little kitchen is energizing. Drew Barrymore demonstrates how tiny details can sometimes make a property seem like a home.

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