How To Make Creamed Chipped Beef And Toast

Do you remember enjoying hearty dinners at your grandparents’ kitchen table? If so, you might remember this traditional dish: bread topped with creamed chipped beef. This recipe is not only quick and inexpensive to prepare, but it also has a flavorful punch.

Because of its simplicity and convenience of preparation, creamed chipped beef was first made popular in the military. It’s making dried beef with a rich white sauce and topping it with a hearty slice of toast or a delicious biscuit from the South. The dried meat becomes a delicate, delicious treat as it minglees with the sauce.

Creamed Chipped Beef

To make this classic dish, Southern Living has created an exceptionally easy recipe that calls for just six ingredients. Made with flour, butter, and milk, the creamy white sauce is subtly flavored with pepper for an added taste explosion.


For a delicious twist, you may even add peas to your creamed chipped beef if you’re feeling particularly daring. And why not serve this delectable dish with some green bean casserole on the side?

So go ahead and treat your taste buds to this comforting and familiar meal. Have fun in the kitchen!


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