Put a little vinegar into the back of the toilet. When finding out why, you’ll do the same for the rest of your life

Bathroom cleaning is a tedious duty that no one enjoys doing, especially when it takes so long. However, did you know that germs and bacteria thrive in bathrooms? Many objects need to be cleaned, including soap scum, hard water stains, and unclean mirrors. And let’s not overlook the restroom!

But fear not—there are a few useful pointers and shortcuts that can greatly simplify bathroom cleaning. What’s the best thing, then? With only one little ingredient—vinegar—you can get incredible results.

In addition to being environmentally beneficial, vinegar works wonders for eliminating bacteria, mold, germs, and lime deposits. It can be used throughout your toilet, saving you money on harsh cleaning agents.

Therefore, you must perform the following:

Fill the toilet’s upper bowl with vinegar, then watch it do its magic. Another option is to mist vinegar and then clean the toilet bowl’s rim.
Soak a piece of paper towel in vinegar and place it inside the toilet bowl’s inner rim. Give it a few minutes to settle.
Scoop up your toilet scrape and give the interior of the bowl a vinegar spray. Be sure to scrub it well.
Take off the paper towel and use an old toothbrush to scrape the interior grime.
When the toilet has finally been flushed, enjoy the spotlessly clean outcome.

It need not be an intimidating undertaking to clean your bathroom. With vinegar’s strength, you can restore its original appearance. See the video below for additional practical hints and recommendations.

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