Tragic News: Lottery Winner Found Deceased with the Winning Ticket

There are unfortunate circumstances behind a lottery winner’s passing.

We regret to inform you of the untimely passing of Gregory Jarvis, a Michigan resident who was the recipient of a $45,000 lottery win. He passed very tragically while still having the winning ticket in his wallet.

Caseville Police Chief Kyle Romzek said that Gregory Jarvis, 57, was found dead close to his boat on a private beach in Saginaw Bay. On September 13, 2021, a few days before his tragic death, Jarvis had won “The Jack,” a different Club Keno game.

But there was a problem retrieving his reward. Jarvis did not have his Social Security card with him, which the state of Michigan requires for lottery winnings over $600. Tragedy occurred as he was making plans to get a replacement card. Authorities discovered his death on a Saginaw Bay beach around ten days after he won.

An unrealized chance to achieve his aspirations

With his lotto riches, Jarvis had grand ambitions. He planned to visit his loved ones and create priceless moments with them using the money. Jarvis had expressed his need to get back in touch with his family to Dawn Talasky, the proprietor of the Blue Water Inn, where he had been lodging, during an interview with ABC12.

Sadly, that did not work out. When Talasky realized Jarvis hadn’t been at the inn for a full week, the staff became concerned. Everyone was perplexed when Jarvis eventually came back on September 22, since he couldn’t locate his employer.

An autopsy showed a catastrophic accident

A Kaysville resident discovered something terrible two days later. The body of Jarvis was discovered on the private beach close to his yacht, and the police verified his identity.

Jarvis had a head injury, according to the autopsy, and then he unfortunately died from asphyxia. An even more tragic turn of events was the discovery in his wallet of a winning lottery ticket. Authorities were worried about the situation and opened an inquiry to make sure there was no foul play. Nevertheless, a detailed investigation revealed that his death was unintentional.

“We believe he was securing his boat, slipped and fell, hitting his head, and ended up in the water,” said Kaysville Police Chief Kyle Romzek. Even though the lottery worried us at first, the autopsy and his discussions with others at the pub revealed that he was a well-liked and good man. Playing dirty was not allowed.


A tiny solace for bereaved family members

The winning lottery ticket was given to Jarvis’s family members as a memento even though he is no longer with us. Even while the loss is obviously devastating, at least the ticket’s proceeds can be utilized to pay tribute to him.

Joy filled one of Jarvis’s final talks at the pub before he passed away. “Someone mentioned that someone had just won ‘The Jack,’ and Jarvis responded with ‘Great,'” remembers pub owner Talaski. He beamingly said, “It’s him,” when asked. He was a frequent guest and a truly good man. He intended to travel to North Carolina to see his father and sister using that money.

Send your condolences and reflections.

We offer the family and friends of Mr. Jarvis our sincere condolences during this trying time. Kindly share any special recollections you may have of him along with your comments of support.

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