Am I a Bad Mother for Kicking My Pregnant Daughter Out?

I’m so absorbed in the turns and turns of my story that I’m not even sure where to start! When my daughter told me she was pregnant, I assumed she was headed straight for college! My youngster did something so terrible that it forced my hand after I gave in to that monkey in the works!

Hello to all of you at this place. This year, my daughter Rose turns 19. My name is Ella. I want to know what everyone thinks after I give you a slightly challenging story. For a year now, my fifteen-year-old daughter has been in a relationship with twenty-year-old Nathan.

As a single mother who has seen it all, I must admit that I had my doubts about Nathan. But to my happy surprise, I discovered that he was a really nice man. As I got to know him better, I realized that I was thinking of him as my adopted child.

When I found out something about her that I didn’t want to know at that age, I wasn’t very happy. “Mom, I have to tell you something, but you need to promise me that you won’t be upset,” she said to me one day when she got home.


Of course, I was familiar with that statement and had prepared a backup plan. All sorts of scenarios raced through my head, and I felt guilty for letting Nathan get close to me and win my heart! I held myself accountable for lowering my defenses when I was with him.

I have no idea how, but I had a feeling he was up to something my child would be interested in!

But in my attempt to be a good father, I tried to keep my doubts hidden from others. “What is it, baby? You know I can ask you anything, right? Calm down, I said. She sighed, inhaled deeply, and spoke a little hesitantly:

“This is my child, Nathan’s mother.” You will become a grandmother.

I was taken aback! For whatever reason, I had never considered that to be a possibility. Rose was going to become a mother, after all, and she was still a baby! The realization of how drastically her life will alter broke my heart.

She had to postpone going to college now, and I could only imagine the myriad of issues she would face.

Considering what she and Nathan intended to accomplish, I was concerned that she might have to drop out of school completely. Upon observing the terror in my gaze, my daughter offered me comfort:

“I know you wanted me to focus on making plans for the future, but my priorities are Nathan and this baby.”

She assured me that everything will work out. I gave in to the happiness that overcame me when I realized I would soon have a grandson! I stood up, gave her a hug, and wished Nathan and her well. After that, Rose withdrew and said:

“All right, allow me to surprise you once more.”

This time, as she raised her left hand, her wedding ring finger turned out to be ringed!

“When he proposed to Mommy, I accepted!” As soon as the waterworks began, I knew Nathan was concerned about my child and her future! I was ecstatic to have a baby girl!

I hesitated at first, but in the days that followed, I couldn’t help but grow enthusiastic. Their marriage and the birth of my first grandson were two reasons to rejoice! I let them live in my house since I was so invested in their lives.

Nathan started working on building a strong foundation for his new family in the meanwhile.

In addition, I allocated a nursery room in my home for the fortunate couple. Decorating it with each other was a lot of fun! But one fateful afternoon, everything in my tiny, normally peaceful house changed dramatically.

I got home early, as usual, my arms full of cheap stuff from the neighborhood store. I bought a few things in anticipation of my granddaughter’s arrival. But I had no idea that the tranquility of the day would go right before my eyes.

With a spring in my step, I entered the kitchen to see Rose there. Her gorgeous underwear was all she was wearing. Her look of surprise matched the speed at which my heart raced—as if it knew there was a problem before I did.

“Mum! How come you’re heading home so early? Rose stammered and stumbled in her speech.

Before I could respond, I heard someone in the corridor ask, “Baby, who are you talking to?” in a deep, foreign voice. My gut turned when I realized it wasn’t Nathan, even though the conversation felt relaxed and intimate!





I finally noticed Rose carrying two hot cups of coffee, at which point I let go of the diapers and other items. My hands are still trembling from what I witnessed that day.

“I thought I’d surprise you with these,” I yelled, pointing at the mess at my feet. But it appears that I’m the one who’s taken aback. With my heart racing, I ignored Rose’s cries to “Mom, please, let me explain” and moved in the direction of the voice.

Despite Nathan’s mother’s warning, I disregarded her and pushed open the bedroom door to find a stranger!

Rose, what’s going on here? I appeared to linger in midair as I raised a steely voice to demand an answer. To my further annoyance, the man got up and attempted to look dignified.

“Oh my gosh, it’s ma’am,”I had no idea—” he began, his eyes flitting all over the place.

“Go!” I snipped him off. Without pausing, he walked right by me and took a repentant feeling with him.

Rose was crying now, the betrayal smearing her makeup. It was an error, Mom. I was simply being inconsequential. Don’t tell Nathan anything, please. She begged me to please.

But you claim that “that was nothing.” Everything that our family has laboriously produced for you is betrayed by you! I cried out, my eyes stinging.

“You have lied to everyone, not just Nathan.” Both this home and this room are prepared for the futures of you and your offspring.

But my determination was further bolstered when I saw her in the home where we had shared fantasies with another man! Rose, you made your decision. You should go now that it’s time. I need some time to process everything and collect my thoughts before deciding whether or not I can ever see you in the same light again.

Rose staggered to the ground and grabbed hold of my legs.

“Mom, I have no money and nowhere to go!” Please, I’m frightened, she said. I saw her gather the small items she owned while I stood there crying. It seemed as though a part of me crumbled. However, the untruth was too deep and the agony was too recent.

I consider my options while I sit here by myself in the center of unfulfilled dreams. There are substantial doubts about the baby’s paternity—did Rose truly carry Nathan’s child? Shall I make him face this reality?

Was Rose’s expulsion the right decision, or was it a difficult enough one?

With heavy heart, I ask you, my unsettling story’s readers: Should I tell Nathan this terrible truth? Was what I did to preserve the honor of our family the right thing to do? Or have I failed miserably in my role as a mother, acting cruelly rather than sensibly?

In the story Ella told, she had to send her daughter away since she had neglected her home and everything that she and Nathan had done for her. However, in the story that was told next, another parent was forced to take the same extreme measures. This time, the woman in question managed to maintain her position because of a rude and conceited potential daughter-in-law.

Is it incorrect that I ejected my prospective daughter-in-law from my home since she made a demand regarding my jewelry?
Oh, the drama associated with family rings! There’s enough intrigue in this Reddit post about engagement problems to rival a soap drama!

The heroine of the novel, a 48-year-old woman, has an incredible collection of dazzling items, including her emerald ring, and she adores jewelry. Her 22-year-old son, engaged to his lady love, invites his fiancée to what appears to be a simple supper.

When the future daughter-in-law tells her mother how much she loves her seldom worn emerald ring, uncomfortable things happen. It’s not only a matter of gratitude; in addition to the significant wedding components that have already been planned, she really wants the ring as an heirloom engagement gift!

Our Reddit user accuses her future daughter-in-law of stealing from her inheritance, clearly horrified. The young woman replies that inheritors usually transfer their heirlooms during their lifetime.

The situation quickly gets out of hand, with the daughter-in-law’s fiancé following after pouting.

The son thinks that giving away the ring would have been a considerate gesture in support of his fiancée. Even though her husband and daughter support her and agree that the ring is hers to do with as she pleases, Mom is stunned by her son’s unexpected stance.

The mother is holding on to her jewels, the future daughter-in-law is upset, and the family is now split. What a wonderful story, isn’t it? People, cling tightly to the chaos in the family and those rings!

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