Innovative Glow-in-the-Dark Roads in Australia: Aiming to Improve Safety and Environmental Harmony

With the help of Tarmac Linemarking, OmniGrip Direct, and VicRoads, the Public Works Department has started a trial of glow-in-the-dark roads in an exciting development in Eastern Victoria. This creative solution uses photoluminescent line markings that are intended to absorb sunlight and release light at night to improve visibility on unlit rural roads. The markings are placed along a 700-meter stretch of Metung Road.

As part of a larger $457 million road safety program by the Victorian Government, these roadways offer potential benefits in improving traffic safety by giving increased visibility without additional street lighting, albeit their effectiveness may vary depending on the weather.

Roads With Glow-in-the-Dark Surfaces Could Boost Safety

Tarmac Linemarking’s operations manager, John Emanuelli, notes that tests are being conducted globally and that there is possibility for growth in some crucial regions. One such test is a photoluminescent powder-coated highway near Amsterdam that has been in place since 2014. Notwithstanding sporadic weather-related difficulties, the reception has been favorable, generating additional interest in the technology.

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The use of glow-in-the-dark road equipment is considered a major advancement in improving safety on rural roads, where Victoria experienced a 30% rise in incidents last year. Long Truong from La Trobe University claims that these markers could provide a practical and affordable safety solution by significantly improving visibility on highways with intricate alignments and severe turns.

fauna Victoria’s CEO, Lisa Palma, emphasizes the advantages for the environment, including less light pollution, which can interfere with the normal habits of the area’s fauna. This technology is a sensible response to the problems associated with contemporary transportation since it aims to lessen the ecological impact of road infrastructure while simultaneously improving human safety.

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