It’s Dad’s Turn to Put Baby to Sleep – Watch Baby’s Hilarious Response

Even though the Johnson family lives in a busy house, Mom usually arranges a peaceful and relaxing evening ritual. But one evening, Mom takes a well-earned vacation, leaving Dad James to nurse his lively little Emma to sleep.

James gets ready for the task at hand as bedtime draws near. In order to create a nice ambiance, dad reads Emma her favorite bedtime novel and turns down the lights. James cradles Emma in his arms and starts to hum a lullaby, hoping to soothe her into a restful sleep.

Emma, though, has other ideas.

Emma’s eyes enlarge with joy rather than shutting and she nods off. She wiggles in Dad’s arms and giggles mischievously, obviously enjoying the change of pace. James tries again, singing the lullaby and moving slightly from side to side. But Emma just laughs harder and louder, thinking Dad’s attempts hilarious.

Unfazed, James chooses to adopt a different strategy. He pulls out Emma’s most treasured stuffed animal in the hopes that it will calm her. James is shocked when Emma picks up the toy and begins mimicking its squeaky sound, making him giggle too.

James chooses to seize the moment of happiness after realizing that his tried-and-true bedtime routines aren’t working. He joins Emma in her play full with laughter, making nighttime an unforgettable and funny experience for both of them.

Emma eventually becomes exhausted despite the laughter and lighthearted pranks. Emma starts to yawn gently this time, and James takes advantage of the opportunity to sing the lullaby again.

James smiles down at Emma as she eventually nods off in her father’s arms, appreciative of their happy and unexpected bonding moment. Dad and his giggly little kid have an unusual nighttime routine, but it doesn’t take away from his intense love and connection.

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