Parents shocked after baby born beaming ear to ear – when doctors finally find out why, everyone falls silent

When Ayla Summer Mucha was born in December 2021, her parents were taken aback by her broad smile, which concealed her petite features.

The baby’s parents are not particularly thrilled with their daughter’s incessant smile because of a very rare disease, but they have fallen in love with Ayla despite the fact that she is now a social media sensation with followers all over the world who appreciate the sweet little girl with the warm smile.

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Australian Cristina Vercher and her husband Blaize Mucha were ecstatic to finally meet their daughter, who made her public debut on December 30, 2021, after a nine-month wait.

At the section C birth, the doctors did, however, break some unexpected news to the parents.


Ayla Summer Mucha’s mouth was malformed as evidenced by the development of a bilateral macrostomy.

The condition, which is sometimes referred to as a facial cleft, is a rare one in which the margins of the mouth do not unite during pregnancy.

Actually, the abnormality is so rare that only 14 occurrences have been documented in medical literature, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Everyone is jumbled.

Ayla’s parents were shocked by how wide her mouth opened because ultrasound tests had shown no anomalies.

Ayla’s health was “évidente” because of her “petite size,” according to her 23-year-old mother, and her 22-year-old father Blaize, who “were immédiatement préoccupés” when Ayla was born.

Adelaide’s Vercher said, “Blaize and I were unaware of this condition, and I had never met a newborn with macrostomia.” It was a real choc as a result.

Not just the parents were shocked by this. Nor were the medical professionals equipped to handle a baby with a bilateral macrostomy.

“Cela made the experience even more worrisome because a doctor didn’t respond to us for several hours.” Because the hospital lacked resources or assistance for such a rare ailment, this created more challenges. She went on, “As a mother, everything that I could think is where I made a mistake.”

However, the physicians informed the anxious parents that there was nothing they could do to change the situation. Throughout her pregnancy, Cristina doubted that she was the “cause” of her daughter’s illness.

“That’s where I might have erred as a mother—all that I could have,” she said. After several days of genetic testing and scanning, they were informed, nonetheless, that they had no control over this issue and that they were not responsible for it.

The Muchas were able to redirect their attention to aiding Ayla in overcoming her illness, which also impacts her ability to latch on and nurse.


This is the rationale for the regular attempts to convince parents to have their kids have surgery.

The happy family

The young pair sets out on a mission to discover more about the illness and ultimately chooses to share Ayla’s experience on social media. 6.5 million users liked her TikTok post because of her unique smile.

The Muchas could never have predicted receiving the level of support that they did.

I recently discovered that there are just 14 reported cases using Google Docs. She is very remarkable. “I’m a very happy mother,” someone commented.

Another netizen remarks, “Elle est magnifique et tout simplement parfaite telle qu’elle est,” in reference to Ayla’s contagious mouth. I’ve smiled too because of her.

Concurrently, Ayla’s loyal supporters quickly eliminated a few trolls who were torturing the poor child.


“Don’t listen to these annoying people; your child is truly amazing.” “She is a goddess,” someone remarks. Oh, my dear. You are quite adorable! Another person said, “Ta petite douceur est simplement trop douce, ignore toutes ces mots blessantes.”

Another person says, “I’m sorry to see these thoughtless remarks; you’re a strong woman with a beautiful daughter.”

In response to the jokes aimed at her adorable child, Vercher said, “I just suggest that you be nice and accepting of everyone.”


She went on to say that situations “like those-ci” might genuinely happen to someone and that if they did, people would treat you and your kids with the same dignity. The world of social media is divided. Sadly, it is impossible to manage autrui personalities.

Based on the supportive comments and words of encouragement, Vercher continues, “We won’t stop sharing our experiences and favorite memories because we are very passionate.”

It seems that Ayla, who just turned two years old, was successful in having surgery to reduce her enlarged mouth, albeit this is not confirmed. When the young girl became Sonny’s big sister in November 2023, she hardly showed any scars from the procedure.

We are overjoyed that the Muchas have continued to publish images and videos of the precious child Ayla despite the hateful comments they received online.

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