An Unusual Encounter at Walmart Over Grocery Bagging

While bagging groceries valued at nearly $300, a shopper at Walmart encountered an unusual situation. An employee questioned the customer’s bagging decisions and argued for a $15 hourly rate. Dissatisfied with double-bagging, the staff member recommended utilizing fewer bags.


The client justified the procedure by pointing out the flaws in the bags. A humorous exchange resulted from the employee’s advice to divide stuff amongst bags in order to prevent double-bagging.

The customer gave an example of the dilemma of continuing to use two bags for identical things. The client made a humorous analogy between the circumstance and “Common Core math.” Observers, entertained by the interaction, saw the worker go back to her workstation without changing her assessment of bagging.

The episode demonstrated a comical collision between common sense and nontraditional guidance during a typical Walmart food shopping trip.

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