His ranch became the perfect escape for him. Doing grunt work, clearing bushes, and planting about a thousand trees lets Tom Selleck stay fit better than any gym.

Tom Selleck gained notoriety for his work on the popular television show “Magnum, P. I.” The show required him to work so hard that he had to relearn how to manage his personal and professional lives. The actor took solace in his property and now gets to spend every day performing tasks around it with his six grandchildren.

Tom Selleck rose to fame after being cast as detective Thomas Magnum in the television series “Magnum, P.I.” He won multiple accolades for the series, including an Emmy. Selleck did, however, acknowledge that he regrets getting into a lot of trouble when he was younger.

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Although Selleck’s attractiveness was greatly appreciated, the actor admitted that, particularly following the divorce of his first marriage, he did not always exude confidence or have a silky tongue when it came to women. But Jillie Mack, his second wife, was someone he could get along with when they met backstage at the London production of “Cats,” where she was a performer.


The actress, who was born in Wiltshire, England, made things simple for Selleck by initiating contact. Mack invited Selleck to go out for a beverage after the play, just before he went on stage, since he was having trouble mustering the courage to approach her. They fell in love and were married in 1987 because fate was on their side. Being their only child, Hannah was raised away from the spotlight.

With his first child, Kevin, and his son from his first marriage, Selleck now has six grandchildren. He is happiest when they come to see him on his ranch in California, and he loves them very much. The celebrity wanted to see them more during the COVID-19 pandemic, but he had to exercise extra caution because his current show, “Blue Bloods,” wouldn’t be the same without him.

He bought his ranch in 1988, following the conclusion of “Magnum, P.I.”, and he adores it. He took a vacation from acting and found serenity in planting oak trees because the series had taken up so much of his time that he felt the need to separate himself in order to regain his sanity.

In a visit to “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Selleck disclosed that after having lived on the farm for 36 years, he still enjoys seeing his trees grow. He made a joke about having baby, adolescence, and adult trees now.

Selleck Gave Up Hollywood to Focus on His Family
Even though he worked a grueling 90 hours a week on “Magnum, P.I.,” Selleck enjoyed his time there. However, he took a sabbatical to be a husband and father after the show finished. “Magnum, P.I.” had 163 episodes shot, and Selleck claimed there would have been many more, but he was sick of playing the part as he was in every scene.

Despite acknowledging how challenging the adjustment was, he finally realized how important it was to have a healthy work-life balance. In the end, the ranch turned out to be the ideal getaway for him.

Selleck now travels to New York to film “Blue Bloods” every other week. During his time off from the television show, he spends almost a month making a movie before returning to his family.

Selleck adores the contrast between his Hollywood life and his property. When an actor wraps up a film, the press is usually full of criticism on how good or horrible the movie is. To block out all of this, he takes pleasure in his trees, which are growing.

Even though it may seem easy, Selleck enjoys planting trees because it allows him to witness the tangible growth of a live plant—something that is prohibited in Hollywood. A closer look at his life on his land is provided here.

How Does Selleck Go About His Ranch Routine?
What Selleck loves most about his 65-acre property is the early mornings. Every day, the famous person gets up earlier than his spouse to turn on the teakettle so that Mack can wake up to hot, ready-to-drink water.

Tom Selleck photographed for the film "Twelve Mile Road in 2004 | Source: Getty Images

He and his wife, who has lived with him for 36 blissful years, both think this practice is quite sweet. Mack traveled to New York for her love after sacrificing her life in England, and more than thirty years later, she doesn’t regret her decision.

According to a source, the actress adores her life on the ranch. Taking care of her animals, which include five dogs she supposedly talks to like humans, is the actress’ greatest passion. The “Blue Bloods” star enjoys taking care of the horses on the Selleck property.

They also cultivate every fruit and vegetable under the sun, including a large number of avocado trees. The ranch boasts a pond and an abundance of orchards. Although caring for the land requires a full-time job, Selleck devotes his free time to tending to it when he is not acting.

Selleck is 78 years old and still in good shape. Remarkably, he despises the gym and feels that working around the ranch is the greatest way to work up a sweat and burn calories. He also views it as a cost-saving measure because he does not have to pay employees.

Following a hearty breakfast, Selleck occupies his time tending to the horses and other animals, pulling weeds from the surrounding area, and mending fences. Even having six grandchildren and a lengthy list of everyday errands around his property, Selleck still aspires to have more grandchildren to keep him occupied. He would be overjoyed to see Hannah get married and have more grandchildren.

Tom Selleck and Jillie Mack in California in 2003 | Source: Getty Images

The famous person and Mack have already approved of Hannah’s boyfriend and have plans for the couple to get married on their property. More recently, Selleck’s memoir will be published in 2024!

It was discovered in late October 2023 that Selleck’s memoir, “You Never Know,” would be available on May 7, 2024. An “intimate account” of the actor’s “remarkable life and thoroughly accidental career” would be provided by the book, according to sources.

He talks about the errors he made both before and after he became famous in it. The memoir is expected to be written in “his own voice” and include more “frank, funny, and open-hearted” information about the Emmy Award winner.

Followers will learn more about the diversions and temptations he has faced over the years. In addition to dispelling any misunderstandings, the book will reveal never-before-told tales from his personal, professional, and Californian upbringing.

Readers will learn about his time as a basketball jock at the University of Southern California. Selleck also discusses his relationships with other celebrities, such as Frank Sinatra and Sam Elliott, and how he came to get tiny acting parts in his thirties.

Fans of “Magnum, P.I.” will receive a thorough explanation for his decision to leave the show at that time as well as an account of how he has “frequently” had to modify his acting career. He took this action to safeguard his family, ensure their privacy, and provide them with a regular existence.

The celebrity talks about his comedic background and how he got started in comedy with his roles in Friends and Blue Bloods. In September 2021, Selleck clarified that the following would not be included in his memoir: settling scores or bringing up previous romantic relationships.

“There’s a certain amount of privacy, but I’m sharing a very personal aspect of how everything has affected me.”

Tom Selleck giving an interview from one of his houses on January 27, 2022 | Source: YouTube/LiveKellyandMark

The actor acknowledged on the “Live With Kelly and Ryan” program in January 2022 that writing his memoir is “hard.” He was just over halfway through the book at that moment, and his other obligations were the reason for the delay.

Selleck didn’t want the publishers to take away his original title, “I Don’t Know Where I am Going, But There’s No Use Being Late,” so it was revealed on the air. Regretfully, it appears Selleck’s group would have rather he stick with something succinct and direct.

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