Rihanna almost revealed too much in overly revealing lingerie.

Rihanna seems to be focusing on Savage x Fenty, despite her repeated indications of a triumphant return to the music industry. The success of a recently ended event was partially attributed to Johnny Depp, who Rihanna hired to work on her project.

These days, Rihanna posts videos of herself with lingerie models on social media. Many others thought the extremely provocative images taken by the 34-year-old artist were too revealing. Internet fans were enthralled by a black leather corset that was fastened almost entirely with lacing in the back.

Millions of the artist’s followers left comments on these provocative images. They were shocked to see Rihanna had lost so much weight and called her the “hottest mom in the world.” Some thought Rihanna’s sex appeal went too far, while others agreed and claimed she doesn’t need models to promote her business.

It’s noteworthy because Rihanna has already expressed her desire to become a mother again. She does, however, appear to be quite focused on her work and child, with several unfinished projects competing for her attention.

When asked why she chose Knowles for her lingerie brand, the famous person replied, “She has a body,” demonstrating her admiration for Beyoncé’s physical attributes. The famous person then talked about who she would want to see represent her company.

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