7 Nightmare Wedding Guests Who Completely Ruined the Big Day

Although love and happiness should be the only things celebrated at weddings, not everyone wishes to witness others’ happily ever afters. It’s evident from these terrifying weddings that not everyone should be invited to your special day. Furthermore, everything in your life could be a lie, as the seventh story demonstrates!

It is hard and costly enough to plan a wedding; there is no need for someone to come along and spoil the whole affair. These Reddit users shared their wedding ceremony and reception experiences, which made them regret throwing a celebration in the first place.

1. My egocentric family did anything they desired.

Nearly all of the guests made the trip, some from as far away as the Midwest and others who spent hours traveling within our state. It can take more than five hours to get 120 miles from where we live in a remote area of the nation.

Nevertheless, the fact that my parents and one of my six brothers arrived thrilled us. We scheduled the wedding to coincide with my parents’ scheduled visit. Not many weeks before the event, my sister made the decision to go.

I made appointments for my sister, mom, and myself with my regular stylist for hair and cosmetics. I was the last one to leave for the first appointment, which was at 10 a.m., so I stayed home until noon to get our house ready.

My mom and sister had left, I discovered when I got to the salon. A day spent together was what I had hoped for, especially given we are about 2,000 miles separated in distance.

I was in a hurry when I got home at around 3 p.m. since I had a lot of work to do and the photographer was coming at 4:30 p.m. To get help, I texted my family.

It was our intention for them to help with last-minute celebration prep following our appointments. But they had eaten a nice lunch an hour away, and by 3:30 p.m., they were just getting ready at their rental. As visitors started to arrive, I took care of the last-minute jobs by myself, but by then, I was perspiring off my makeup.

I hardly had time to write my vows and get ready before my parents and sister arrived at 4:15 p.m. The hardest aspect, though, was witnessing my mother wearing my exact wedding dress—a cream lace knee-length dress with brown, high boots.

Having already seen my garment, all she could comment was that it was cream in color rather than white. By then, I was crying a little and I wanted things to be different. But in the end, my dad brought her back to their rental so they could change.

When they returned an hour later, they were obviously not happy with me. Other than saying farewell, they didn’t say anything else to me the rest of the evening. My sister assisted with cleanup, but I was upset at her for not stepping in sooner.

My dad seemed irritated, and my mom hardly spoke to me at the breakfast they hosted the following day. Anxious dreams kept me awake for a whole month following my wedding. Fortunately, my spouse was present, so I concentrated on strengthening our relationship.

2. I Excluded My Mother-in-Law

u/Humor1450-Designer: I neglected to take action regarding this woman for far too long. My wife and I, 24, recently got married. However, ever since we started dating, I’ve had a tough relationship with her mother (MIL). I knew she hated me, but I never imagined she would go to such lengths to express it.

Due to her inability to locate housing and her insistence on avoiding being placed in a home, my MIL briefly resided in our home.

She showed no gratitude at all during her visit. She never thanked us for the food we gave, and she refused to pay her share of the bills. Though it was a developing problem, I didn’t give it much thought until the wedding.

It was a fantastic moment when I asked my wife to marry me on the High Roller Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas. I so wanted our wedding to be equally ideal. We spent 10 months carefully organizing it, so everything ought to have gone off without a hitch.

up until my mother-in-law decided to don a lavish white gown, complete with a voluminous skirt and a small hairpiece. She appeared to be my bride. My real bride and I decided not to make a big deal out of it.

She took offense at it. Her attitude was sour throughout the ceremony, but what really left us all shocked was when she yelled, “Oh, please!” during our vows. My wife stopped me before I could have her taken out by security because she didn’t want to cause any more drama.

When it came time for our first dance, my wife and I were having the greatest time to a calm, mellow tune that we had always loved. That was it for me, though, as MIL yelled, “Give me my daughter back.”

My frustration and anger were too great, and the remainder of the reception went by in a haze. My wife was just not at ease.

After we got home, I was unable to control my rage. MIL appeared to be rushing as she made her way down the corridor to her room, but I stopped her.

I instructed her to get out, demanding that she pack her things and depart by the following day, in the most passive-aggressive way imaginable. She mocked at first, then offered hollow excuses, and then let forth crocodile tears, but I remained unaffected. She needed to leave.

And my wife refrained from interfering this time. Her silence gave me the impression that she also wished her mother had died away. We made arrangements for her to move into an assisted living facility, where she would be in charge of paying her own bills. She has since developed a more modest outlook. Did you take a different course of action?

3. I Was Unable to Control My Fury
u/greatest Reddit user 19: Was this something I was mistaken about? Recently, my spouse and I got married in Paris. With more than 60 guests, it was a large wedding.

My mother-in-law and I have never gotten along, so if I had my say, I never would have invited her to the wedding. But I invited her nevertheless, putting aside our issues for my husband.

After I sent out the invitations, everything was good until my mother-in-law texted me to ask if any kids would be attending the wedding.

Because my six-year-old son from a prior relationship loved my husband as if he were his father, I said yes.

This started to bother her, and she insisted that since my son wasn’t my husband’s biological child, I get a babysitter for him. Despite my anger, I maintained composure for the benefit of my spouse. I told her coolly that it was my wedding and that I really wanted my son to be there. She argued for a while before agreeing.

After that, everything went really well, and we had some time left until the wedding. Although it was anxious, everything went well when getting everyone from the airport to the motels.

My mother-in-law insisted on staying in a room with us as soon as we arrived at the hotel. We informed her that we didn’t think our son would receive enough attention during the ceremony and the reception afterwards, and that we would like to spend some time alone with him before the wedding.

When we suggested that she switch to sharing a room with my sister-in-law, she stormed off. I was mistaken when I assumed that she wouldn’t quarrel or add to the stress on the wedding day. She suggested she ought to have been my maid of honor the day before the wedding.

She always knew she wouldn’t be my maid of honor, so I’m not sure why she said that. Furthermore, nobody includes their in-laws in the wedding celebration.

I simply turned to leave since I didn’t want to dispute. When the wedding day finally arrived, the ceremony got underway, and everything went according to schedule. Up until the reception began, I thought it was the greatest day of my life.

When it came time for my spouse and I to have our first dance as a married couple, everyone was having a great time. The song was just halfway through when I heard a loud “boo” from someone in the audience. It was her, of course.

She yelled, “You have taken my boy away from me,” as she got to her feet. He loved me and he will never love you as much! The only lady a boy should ever love should be his mother! You are not worthy of him at all!

At that point, I snapped, stood up, and yelled at her, “You have done nothing but ruin everything for me! [ You made the days before and on the day of my wedding absolutely miserable. You will never be allowed to be my mother-in-law.

She started crying right away and left the wedding. Needless to say, everyone left early and the rest of the evening was unpleasant. So, should I have refrained from speaking?

A bride’s family and groom are totally missing from her wedding; this will happen soon. She then finds that they’re all attending another ceremony!

4. My spouse’s former partner attended my wedding u/NoYam9520: After just two weeks of marriage, my husband and I are already regretting our decision. The ex-husband of my husband has been generating problems. To put it mildly, that is. Rather than using a loving phrase or simply calling me stepmother, she insists that my stepchildren address me by my first name.

By coincidence, the day of our wedding fell on her day of child custody. I’m not sure why he invited her, but he didn’t let me know if she accepted.

She surprised me by coming with the kids and saying she was going to stay instead of just drop them off. I got the impression from her attire that she was trying to take center stage because she was dressed more nicely than I was. I thus requested her to leave right away.

She declined, though, and my mother-in-law and husband urged that she stay because she was like family. I felt as though they had united against me, and I was at a loss for words. I have a feeling that this isn’t the last thing she will destroy for me, just like she did on my wedding day.

5. Deleted User/Grass-Stained and Hurting u: My recent wedding took place in the morning, and we were all really happy about becoming married. But things took a turn for the worst when my soon-to-be husband’s mother—who typically had black hair that fell to her waist—sent him a text.

She shocked us by sending a picture of herself with her hair styled and cut to resemble mine—shoulder-length, brown with blond slashes. I was furious, especially with the timing of it.

In spite of this, I ignored it and concentrated on our unique day. The time arrived for the parents to join us for a vow while we continued the ceremony, which was taking place next to a gorgeous riverbank.

His mother stood conspicuously behind the minister and myself, rather than standing with the other parents close to the groom.

She shrieked, lost her footing, and clutched my hair as she fell, almost sending me falling towards the riverside with her. I avoided falling into the water, but my clothes was smeared with grass and dirt, and my scalp ached all day. She ruined my unique moment.

I was devastated by the occurrence. The remainder of the ceremony revolved around it. My husband’s mother laughed it off and turned to leave me on the ground, fighting back tears as she regained her balance.

We have severed our touch with her because of this incident. My spouse is fully in favor of this choice.

I still cry every time I remember my wedding day because it seems like she purposefully ruined the festivities and didn’t feel guilty about it.

Her husband and the preacher were holding her arms, which is proof that it was deliberate from our wedding footage. She backpedaled on purpose and lost her balance.

6. What’s the name of the baby?
u/Silver_Fire72: We had been looking forward to our wedding for a long time, and last weekend my husband and I tied the knot. Despite having four kids and nearly ten years of dating, we were unable to finance the wedding of my dreams. Since we had waited so long, we also wanted something our girls would remember. We therefore put in a lot of effort to earn it.

Already anxious that something terrible would go wrong, the ceremony and setup proceeded according to schedule, and the reception got underway on schedule.

My sister-in-law approached me halfway through and said she had placed something in my guest book. I ignored it and carried on with my evening till my aunts came up to me and inquired about the baby name of my brother and sister-in-law.

When I saw that was what she had written in my guest book, I was really perplexed. They used our guest book to announce the name of their child, and the family turned it into a game.

The name of the game was “You’ll have to look for the baby’s name if you want to know it.” I knew it would make a scene, so even though I was unhappy, I kept my mouth shut.

I located my spouse and stayed with him for the remainder of the evening. I messaged my brother and SIL the following day to let them know that they had offended me.

My brother angrily yelled back at me, calling it a present. My sister-in-law countered that if it were such a huge issue, we could take the baby’s name off the announcement—it wasn’t like they grabbed a microphone.

I made an attempt to explain why I was upset, but I gave up when I saw they wouldn’t get it. They simply lost it over me, and their communications gave me the impression that I was crazy.

7. They Got Married in Secret Behind Restored User/Removed User: I thought my wedding day was going to be legendary. My parents planned a huge barn and a guest list that numbered in the thousands. However, D-Day is a complete failure, with just thirty individuals showing up.

As I stand there in my wedding dress, I feel like a Snapchat account that has been used excessively. But I soon discovered that the most significant individuals in my life—my groom, my bridesmaids, and my nuclear family—were also absent.

I began phoning my mother, my fiancé, and everyone else who would pick up. Nothing. When one of my bridesmaids finally answers the phone, our chat went like this:

Me: Hey, where’s everyone at? WHAT IS EVEN TAKEN PLACE?

She: TRASH, I LOST MY NUMBER! There is no one waiting for you here at the ceremony.

Me, totally perplexed: Um, what ceremony? I AM THE ONLY PERSON AT THE ALTAR.

She: Oh my goodness, you’re unaware? I’ll give your mother the phone so she can explain.

When my mother answers the phone, she says, “Didn’t you get my message this morning?”

Me: Not at all. What was said by it?

Then the big reveal occurs. According to what my mother writes, she and her sisters felt that my fiancé would be happier with my cousin. Yes, they plotted, pulled him into this relationship with her, and now she’s carrying a freaking baby!

The wedding I attended was a complete farce; it served as a smoke screen for the real action that my cousin and fiancé were having somewhere else. It sounds implausible and manufactured, yet it really did happen. I thanked everyone who arrived, told them everything, and left after gathering myself.

I no longer communicate with my family since I relocated far away. Hell is an option for them!

A spiteful ex-girlfriend, the mother-in-law, or a bridesmaid may easily ruin a couple’s special day.

Have you ever seen or experienced a guest at a wedding ruining what should have been a happy day? Your stories are welcome to be shared in the comments section.

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