Homeless Couple Lives In Tent And Refuses Work Saying It Isn’t For Them

Being homeless is regarded by many as one of the most difficult life circumstances. Although a large number of people are affected by homelessness, not everyone sees it as a hardship.

This contains a pair with an unusual perspective who are homeless. They assert that they choose to live on the streets and that they are dependent on contributions and lodgings in order to survive.

Following their disclosure of their thoughts on homelessness, Leland Brown Jr. and Breanna have garnered a great deal of attention. They are from Hatfield, Pennsylvania, and would rather call what they are going through “houselessness.”

Breanna went into detail about their special survival techniques and the challenges of being homeless. Many have remarked on their circumstances; Leland pointed out that there is frequently a negative connotation associated with homelessness.

They were homeless for a considerable amount of time until they eventually created a GoFundMe, though it wasn’t very successful, to help them with their expenses. Following the release of a video on the internet, comments flooded in, both positive and negative. While some discussed the value of having a stable financial situation, others focused on making one’s own decisions and living one’s own life.

Another person related their personal experience of homelessness, observing that it loses attraction with age.

On the other hand, this couple decided to live frugally and rapidly reach their financial objectives. They think they can give their son, who is very important to them, a brighter future by living within their means today.

They were forced to leave, so they set up camp in the woods. Even though the heavy snow had wrecked their shelter, many people came forward to rebuild their tents and give them a suitable place to stay.

Leland had previously worked in a motel and a McDonald’s, and they had resided in a house, according to older films. They declare that they don’t currently intend to look for work since they think they are too intelligent for it.

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