I Ruined My Son’s Wedding And Don’t Have An Inch Of Regret! Am I Wrong for Feeling This?

I was at my son Mike’s wedding because I wanted to confront him about his mistreatment of Tommy and his ex-wife Jane.

Since Mike abandoned them shortly after Tommy was born, Jane has been raising their child with Down syndrome all by herself.

Upon learning that Mike was getting married, I made a decision.

I halted the ceremony to reveal to everyone the truth about Mike’s past actions as soon as I entered the church holding Tommy in my arms.


Speaking with Mike and his bewildered fiancée about how he had abandoned Tommy, cheated on her, and not been providing for Tommy’s needs left me experiencing a variety of emotions.

I wanted to emphasize to Mike the value of being a good father and to teach him a lesson, but the outcome was completely different.

Mike’s wife became enraged and hurled her bouquet towards him. After that, she hastily left the ceremony with her stunned family.

The events of the next day were related to me by my cousin Liam. He claimed that Mike was experiencing a wide range of emotions in front of the waiting guests, and that his fiancée was inconsolable.

I’m not sure now if it was the proper decision for me to wreck the wedding.

My plan was to either give Tommy money or make Mike promise his family again in order to make him take responsibility for what he had done.

Even though it might appear like I went too far, I felt it was necessary to draw attention to Mike’s extreme negligence.

This disruption, I hope, will cause him to wake up so he can turn around and be Tommy’s father.


Did I err by interfering with my son’s wedding? It will take time to see if what I did improves Mike’s life or—more importantly—Tommy’s prospects.

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