I Will Always Have The Face Of an Angel: The Man Covered 86 Percent Of His Body With Tattoos And Started Experimenting With Body Modifications!

Larry Botello G, a.k.a. Raiden Craneo Dos Caras, is a tattoo artist from Colombia who has talked about his experiences with people’s responses to his changed appearance. He became well-known as a father because of his numerous tattoos and physical alterations, which have given him a unique “demon” persona.

Ryden started getting tattoos when he was just 12 years old, and by the time he was 27, 86% of his skin had been covered in ink, including the skull bones on his face. At the age of 17, he also dabbled in body alteration, having treatments like his nose tip removed and horn-shaped implants placed on his forehead.

He considers himself to be an average person despite his unusual features. According to Ryden, a person’s character is not defined by their appearance. Saying, “I consider myself a person like everyone else,” he expressed his ideas. Occasionally, the most lovable people can be the most hideous ones.

In his private life, Ryden is wed to Angie Catherine, with whom he shares childrearing responsibilities. Common pursuits like motorcycling, extreme sports, reading, music, and quiet park strolls are among their favorites. He characterized his family life as joyful and peaceful despite his unusual appearance.

Nonetheless, Ryden said that he frequently comes across unpleasant remarks on social media and that he has experienced hatred online. However, he pointed out that he is rarely confronted about his appearance in real-world conversations. His mother tenderly reminds him that no matter how he evolves, he will always have the face of an angel. Surprisingly, some kids think highly of his appearance.

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