If you spot a sugary spoon in your yard, you had better know what it means

A new symbol has been placed on some parking places in Pembroke, Ontario.

The handshake symbol-designated spaces outside the Pembroke OPP station at 77 International Dr. are intended to function as community safety zones for online transactions.

The Upper Ottawa Valley OPP states that there are places you may utilize to ensure everyone’s safety if you make an online purchase and need to meet someone in person to pay for it or pick it up.

“Project Safe Trade aims to establish a ‘community safety zone’ at an OPP detachment parking lot to facilitate online property transactions,” reads an OPP news release. The purpose of creating a “community safety zone” is to move internet transactions from homes, parking lots, and other private settings into public areas.

The secure trading venues are always open; appointments are not required.

“This is the ideal time for the local launch of Project Safe Trade, as the busy holiday season approaches.” “Online property transactions are on the rise, and the UOV OPP is pleased to be initiating a community safety initiative aimed at decreasing offences related to online marketplace transactions,” stated Steph Neufeld, commander of the Upper Ottawa Valley OPP detachment. “We can decrease victimization and harm in our communities by implementing Project Safe Trade and other collaborative methods.”


According to Const. Mike Mahon, the locations also provide a way to help guard against the possibility of falling prey to fraud, as CTV News reported.

The adage “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is” applies here. You should be concerned, he said, especially if you’re inviting them to meet here and they’re acting very hesitantly.

The OPP states that police will not serve as transactional witnesses, arbitrators, or document suppliers. If an officer is summoned, they will only respond and become involved if the transaction develops into a criminal investigation.

If you choose not to use the locations, there are other ways to stay safe while meeting strangers online for financial transactions.

Gather in a crowded public area.Bring a dependable friend or relative to serve as a witness.Execute transactions in the daytime.Never delete correspondence between you and the buyer/seller by text, voicemail, or email.

Everyone rushes around over the Christmas season, but it’s crucial to take a break and finish some homework, according to technology expert Carmi Levy.

Investigate the individual claiming to be the seller thoroughly. Examine their history, discover what other items they have sold, and find out information about how previous purchasers have interacted with them, advised Levy.

“Before you give any money, insist on viewing the real equipment that you are purchasing. Make sure they turn it on. Make sure it functions properly before paying for it.

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