Man Spends $70k To Tattoo His Full Body And Eyeballs, But Wait Till You See What He Looked Like Before

Las Vegas, Nevada Quest Gulliford has spent more than $70,000 getting extreme tattoos and making bodily alterations since embarking on his journey in 2009. He previously shared a photo of his transformation, both before and after.

Quest Gulliford has shared a photo of himself before the dramatic tattoo makeover.

Gulliford, who was in the seventh grade when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma and survived, got a tattoo as soon as he could to represent his experience.

The purple cancer ribbon and the words “God First” were among the tattoos that signaled the beginning of an ongoing journey with ink.

“I had a big lymph node growing,” Gulliford said, as reported by the Daily Mail.”It involved chemotherapy for six months. After that, I felt almost superhuman.

Quest Gulliford is completely covered in tattoos and bodily alterations that have cost him almost $70,000. With more than a million followers on TikTok, he shares his experience there.

A cancer survivor shares her eye tattoo experience with her fans.

Gulliford, who uses the TikTok handle, told his passionate fan following about his eye tattoo experience three years ago. He now responds to questions concerning its experience.

After undergoing the procedure in Houston, he received an ink injection to darken his eyelids. He described the feeling as “more of an injection or modification… not really like a tattoo on your skin.”

“It really took me a long time to even get myself mentally prepared to finish it on the day I walked into the shop in Houston, Texas.”

Extreme tattoo addict shares before and after pictures of their work

However, a few days ago, Quest Gulliford posted several images that chronicled his entire tattoo journey. The video, which blends recordings and still images, charts his growth from 2009 until 2019.

There are a few photos of him before any ink, except from a couple on his chest. Over the years, you witness them become stronger and more intense until much of his body is covered in ink.

In a different video, Gulliford said, “I had cancer when I was twelve, but I have no idea whether that has anything to do with my love of tattoos.””In high school, I experienced a lot of bullying as well, particularly during my time with cancer and my hair falling out.”

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