People Are Upset About a KFC Store’s Sign on Their Doors, and the Restaurant Stands Firm Despite Complaints

Police personnel have had to deal with more difficult and demanding circumstances in recent years. Due to harsh criticism and targeting of certain, people now believe that all police personnel are crooked or evil.

However, one eatery in Gallipolis, Ohio, is working to refute this story. A nearby KFC chose to display a sign on their window as a way of expressing their gratitude and support for the men and women serving in the military. There’s been quite the buzz over the sign!

The text on the sign says:

“Everyday, police officers in uniform are entitled to free meals.”


The purpose of this gesture is to show the community’s appreciation and respect for the law enforcement personnel who put their lives in danger to protect the public. Saying “thank you” and giving them some much-needed nourishment during their hard work can be accomplished by providing a hot lunch. Isn’t that beautiful?


The KFC sign has received a lot of attention online since it was posted, receiving over 5,000 shares and 10,000 Facebook likes. Employees at the store have attested that they do, in fact, provide free daily meals to all uniformed police officers—a practice they fervently endorse.


This kindness hasn’t been appreciated by everyone, either. There are those who are happy about it, even police officers themselves, but there are others who are not.


Some others think that first responders in general, not only police, should be eligible for the free dinner offer. This sentiment was even repeated by the leader of Ohio Going Blue, a law enforcement professional.

He declared:

“While this message is positive, some of you fail to see the bigger picture. Whether I’m in uniform or not, as an officer, I never go into a business expecting or desiring anything for free or even a discount, and I can assure you that other cops share my sentiments. We dislike receiving “special treatment.” This was posted because KFC is, in fact, honoring police enforcement. My response to those who said that other first responders ought to be recognized as well? Without a doubt.

To maintain public safety, it is critical to acknowledge the hazards that police personnel face on a daily basis. Free food will go a long way toward keeping them motivated throughout their lengthy shifts.

What do you think about the KFC sign, then? Do you believe it to be a smart idea?

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