ROYAL TRAGEDY. Heartbreak for Prince Harry. With heavy hearts, we announce the passing

A family member of Florence Brudenell-Bruce, Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend, has died in a freak accident.

It was the Marquess of Ailesbury who died when he fell out of his bedroom window while letting his cat out.

The 98-year-old man is thought to have died right away after hitting his head on the concrete patio below at his London home.

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, and Florence went out together for two months in 2011.

She wed the affluent businessman Henry St. George in July 2013.

The 88-year-old Marquess’s companion, Teresa Marshall de Paoli, discovered him on Sunday while preparing supper. She was enraged and shocked.

He had been there, she believes, for at least an hour.

After Teresa called 911, the officers ascertained his death promptly.

Teresa wasn’t arrested yesterday, despite the fact that the authorities handled her death like a “crime scene.” Teresa was furious since she had been his companion for 36 years.

Afterwards, she could bid him farewell and douse his body with his preferred aftershave.

Teresa stated that “they thought I might have killed him” when they initially noticed that he had fallen out of the window.

“That was a truly strange incident.”

“I hadn’t hit him, and there wasn’t a fight.”

“I believe Honeybun the cat pulled the window up after getting her head caught. He stumbled and tumbled out into the terrace.

“The roses on the wall were broken as he fell five feet.”

“I was informed that he would have died from the blow to the back of his head on the concrete.”

“He may have spent an hour or an hour and a half there.” He looked chilly and pallid.

“I placed a cushion beneath his head.” I informed 999 that my partner had been in an accident.

In seven minutes, the police and ambulance showed up. I was informed that he was deceased by a police officer’s wife.

“A policeman reported that death occurred immediately. The police considered that to be a crime.

She called his daughter Lady Kathryn Brudenell Bruce after the incident late on Sunday night, and she hurried to the scene.

“Lady Kathryn and I had to spend the entire night in an armchair in the drawing room; I couldn’t go to the bathroom by myself.” No other place was available for us to go.

“All night and all day the following day, police were present.”

“A police forensic team consisting of six men and women wearing all white arrived after three hours.”

“Then more arrived; there were once twenty-one of them present.”

They have resided in Savernake Forest ever since they left his house fourteen years ago.

“He had a very thin build.” He suffered from Alzheimer’s.

“I used his favorite aftershave on him after that.” How I did it is a mystery to me.

It made me feel bad. I needed thirty minutes to complete it. He’s been under my care and nursing for years.

“Oh my dear, what took place?” When I asked, he was already gone.

“The London Ambulance Service called the police to an address in Abdale Road, W12, at 20:05hrs on Sunday, May 12 after a man in his 90s was found dead,” a spokeswoman for the Met Police stated.

“There were police and the London Ambulance Service.”

“His friends and family have been informed.”

“The death is surprising, but it is not being looked into.”

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