Teen Girl Dies, Then Mom Looks Closer At Her Casket And Realizes Notes Are Scribbled All Over It

When Laura Hillier was thirteen years old, she received a leukemia diagnosis. It had been four years since she had no cancer. Regretfully, the cancer came back.

On January 20, 2016, Laura, a talented and popular student at Nelson High School in Ontario, Canada, passed away from this horrible illness.

Later that day, on the Hope for Laura Facebook page, her family posted the following details for their large network of friends and supporters:

You all would have been really proud of her for her valiant battle. Until the very end, her composure, bravery, strength, and unadulterated spirit were evident.

In honor of Laura, her family, friends, and teachers decided to decorate the casket with vibrant markers to make a lovely artwork.

The images and story rapidly went viral, influencing people worldwide, even strangers.

At the age of 18, Laura Hillier passed away on January 20, 2016. Sick with acute myeloid leukemia, she passed away while awaiting a transplant.

Laura passed away at a Canadian hospital surrounded by her loved ones.

When Laura was thirteen years old, she received her first cancer diagnosis. Prior to her relapse in May of this year, she had been in remission for four years.

Laura was well-known for her love of drama and music at Nelson High School in Ontario.


Her classmates and family wanted her funeral to feel like a traditional “yearbook send-off,” even though her 12th grade yearbook had been handed to her before to her passing.

Together, Laura’s friends, neighbors, teachers, classmates, medical professionals, and coworkers transformed her coffin into an exquisite yearbook to honor her life, infectious energy, and extraordinary talent.

All over the coffin were sincere notes written in a variety of colors.

Laura’s austere white coffin with her vibrantly colored inscriptions has become an internet sensation. The inscriptions are touching, personal, and full of heart.

You had a musical voice. You had artistic talent. You showed comprehension. My greatest friend was you.

Everyday existence is a song.Sing as much as you want to.

incredibly strong and bold. You’ll be a hero forever.

Purple, Laura’s favorite color, was also expertly incorporated into every aspect of the funeral service, from the lovely flowers to the attendees’ outfits, which included ties and scarves.

To help eradicate childhood cancer, Coast to Coast is a national organization that accepts donations in Laura’s honor.

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