Tim Roth’s Young Son Tragically Dies in the ‘Arms of His Family’ Who Loved & Adored Him

Tim Roth is in a severe state of grief, as is his family.

The cherished son of actor Tim Roth, Cormac Roth was a gifted guitarist who tragically lost prematurely at the young age of 25. In the “arms of his family,” who loved him very much, he passed away quietly.

Although Cormac had actually passed away almost two weeks earlier, the tragic news of his passing was announced on October 31, 2022.

Cormac had disclosed on Instagram a few months prior, in July, about his struggle with cancer. Cormac’s loving father, Tim Roth, informed NBC News in a poignant message that he passed away on October 16, 2022, due to his sickness. His statements expressed both his sorrow and his admiration for his son’s bravery:


“After a valiant fight with cancer, our precious boy Cormac passed away on Sunday, October 16th. In the loving and adoring arms of his family, he passed away quietly. He endured a year of extraordinary bravery in the fight, all the while keeping his wicked sense of humor and wit.


Cormac courageously revealed his cancer diagnosis in July 2022, but since November 2021, he has been fighting stage 3 germ cell cancer, also known as choriocarcinoma.


He gave a thorough explanation of how the severe illness had affected him, including weight loss, hearing problems, and a decline in confidence. Cormac persevered in spite of his difficult circumstances and harsh abuse.

The young singer declared in his heartfelt Instagram post that he would fight cancer with all of his strength and that his love for making music would never fade. He concluded with a poignant declaration of love and a sobering reminder of how fleeting life is:

“Love to all of you; please remember to pursue your passions. Life is not long. There is anarchy.



Following Cormac’s death, his family expressed their appreciation for the time they spent with him and their desire to treasure every second of his far too brief existence. They conveyed their grief at losing him at the very moment he was becoming an adult:


“We adore him. Whenever we travel, we will always have him with us.

A bereaved family, including his brother Hunter Roth, mother Nikki Butler, and father Tim Roth, will always remember Cormac with love.

What a tragic circumstance for someone so young and energetic. It’s true that cancer is a terrible illness.

We extend our sincere sympathies to Tim Roth’s family.

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