When it was time to pay the bills, my sister, who had invited me to an upscale restaurant, disappeared into the bathroom.

When a woman received an invitation to dinner from her sister, who had recently moved to a nearby city, she was thrilled. But just as it was time to pay the bill, her sister vanished, and the evening took an unexpected turn.

Wild-Eggplant1780, a Reddit user, was overjoyed to have her sister move in closer proximity. She was excited to spend more time with him and make new memories.


Her sister relocated to a nearby city, where there was a mall with a variety of unique stores and eateries. Among them was a fancy eatery that the Redditor and her spouse cherished going to.

She and her spouse were not regular diners at the restaurant because of the steep prices, with dinners typically costing between $200 and $250. She made sure to bring up the price and suggest alternative, more reasonable options when her sister recommended they have dinner there.

The sister was adamant on trying the upscale location, though. The Redditor agreed, thrilled to go back there with her husband. After her sister brought her boyfriend along, the family enjoyed a delicious supper together.

The sister excused herself to use the restroom after the dinner, but she took an exceptionally long time. Her lover worried about her and went to check on her, but he never came back. When the Redditor and her spouse looked into it, they were both gone, which confused them. After calling and texting her sister, perplexed, she got a message that stated, “Thanks for dinner; it was just as amazing as you said it would be.”

She was so shocked that she kept texting her sister, asking why she had sent her the bill without asking first. However, her sister remained silent. After that, the Reddit user made the decision to act.


Moving Forward

The Reddit user forewarned her sister that she would only pay for herself and her husband and that the restaurant would take care of her sister’s payment if she did not come back to settle her portion of the bill within 30 minutes.

She carried out her plan after her sister failed to return. She paid for her and her husband’s share after telling the restaurant personnel. The next day, after getting calls from the restaurant demanding that she pay the outstanding account, her sister became enraged.

The Redditor said, “I’m not surprised since she skipped out on her bill,” without showing any regret. Assuming she would do so again, her sister countered that she had always paid for their meals. However, the Redditor noted that previous dinners had only cost up to $60, not $450 for four. She also reminded her sister that she had never committed to paying for everything.

The Redditor advised her sister to settle the matter before the restaurant called the police, but she refused to pay her sister’s bill in spite of pressure from her sister and family.

The way her sister handled the matter left the Reddit user uneasy and enraged. She went to Reddit to ask if it was a mistake for her to let the eatery call the police in an attempt to get advise.

Reactions of Commenters

Her decision was largely endorsed by Reddit users. She was commended for maintaining her position and refusing to foot the bill for her sister’s and her boyfriend’s meals. Her sister’s activities were perceived by some as a “scam” to obtain a free supper.

Commenters underlined that, unless someone has specifically offered to pay, the general practice when dining out is to share the tab. They thought it reasonable to presume that since the sister had asked her out, she would pay for at least her own dinner.

Another indignant poster questioned the sister’s age, emphasizing that an adolescent, not an adult, would be expected to behave in such a way. They recommended not going out to eat for a while or maybe never seeing her again.

They were both in their 30s, the Redditor revealed. She said that rather than feeling like a sibling, her sister used to make comments about her wages on a regular basis. She added that she was shopping for a car and recalled an instance when her sister’s boyfriend had purchased one. She felt more like her sister was being judged on her money than her sisterhood when her sister said, “You make xxx; you can certainly afford that car.”

Do you believe the Redditor was justified in letting the restaurant call the police on her instead of paying the bill?

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