Baby who weighed 16 pounds in 1983 is now an adult and still known for his huge size

When twenty-four-year-old Patricia Clarke found out she was carrying her second child in 1983, an amazing journey started. Her family was notorious for having really large babies, so she guessed that her child might be a little larger than average. However, she was unaware of how large her child would grow.

Patricia became a mother to a son, Kevin Robert Clark. He weighed almost sixteen pounds at birth, which was incredibly large! He might be the largest baby ever delivered in New Jersey and at Community Memorial Hospital as a result. Fortunately, Kevin was healthy enough despite being too big for a regular crib and clothes for a newborn.

Kevin was initially noticed because of his size. He even made appearances on television programs like “Saturday Night Live” and “Good Morning America,” sparking a great deal of national discussion.

But Kevin’s development didn’t end there. He continued to develop till he reached a height of 5 feet 7 inches at the age of 12. He stood six feet five inches tall in junior high. Kevin found it amusing that people were suddenly inquiring about his height. “I like to joke that I’m 5-foot-21,” he said. I tell people that I play miniature golf when they ask if I play basketball.

I was born a 16-pound baby

Kevin is 39 years old and measures six feet nine inches tall. He was in the military earlier and now resides with his 6-foot-6 wife and Great Dane. He claims he has come to terms with his unusual height and is now accustomed to being larger than practically everyone.

This 16-Pound Baby Is All Grown Up - YouTube

Kevin’s life has been an adventure in managing attention and people’s curiosity, despite the fact that he appears to be doing well. He’s a wonderful example of how to embrace your uniqueness and lead a confident life. We are really inspired by Kevin’s tale and wish him well in all of his future pursuits!

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