Dog with malformed face dumped by family: Then angel arrives and makes everything right

Lucky had little cause for celebration. Every family and owner he had been with had abused him; not one of them had the heart to show him the love he so richly deserved.

Having grown up in a puppy factory, Lucky never had foster parents. In the end, he was given away for free.

The reason? Lucky had a malformed face and didn’t look like other dogs.

Because of his frequent moves throughout his youth, Lucky was never able to create a permanent residence or a sense of identity. He was often given away for free to the next owner because no one wanted to keep him for very long.

Over the years, Lucky has had a number of owners, but none of them have really taken the time to provide him the attention he needs. His most recent home was in Austin, Texas, where he was largely left on his own but was mistreated and abandoned.

The family’s cats didn’t like having Lucky around, so he was compelled to spend the day outside.

When he was left in the yard, tied to a tree, he had no food or somewhere to sleep. She could never be fussed over, much less given the love and care that a dog would normally get in a home.

When the family decided to move, it was decided to give up on Lucky without second thought.

They made contact with a nearby animal shelter. Lucky was left with his “family” until they moved, while the workers at the shelter searched for a new home for him.

The animal shelter finally found a new family who agreed to foster Lucky after much searching. Unfortunately, they had a sudden change of heart; after glancing at Lucky’s look, they chose not to proceed.

Luckily, a social media message made a difference.

After training Lucky, a shelter worker posted a few images of him on social media.

In the end, Jamie Hult came across a post and asked to view the puppy right away.

“I immediately called the person I knew from dog rescue and told them I wanted that dog,” the coincidence permitting. “I want to take that dog, I don’t even want to foster it,” Jamie stated to iHeartdogs.

Maintaining Good Luck

Unfortunately, Lucky wasn’t in great health. Among his other illnesses was malnourishment, which he suffered from for years due to maltreatment and neglect.

He was coated in fleas and worms, and he has never had microchipping.


Jamie, though, decided to bring him home. Even if it wouldn’t be easy, she would do it for whatever cost.


Jamie found Lucky a permanent home. He finally got to experience the love and care he had so sorely wanted.

Lucky is happy with his life as a healthy dog now that he has totally recovered from an extremely challenging journey.

He was about to pass away. He was inside the oxygen tank for a week. He was so infested that in the end, I had to shell out almost $8000 for treatment just to have an MRI and figure out what was wrong. To quote Jamie, he’s just skin and bones.

almost dead

Jamie was determined to save Lucky, and she would stop at nothing to make sure he got better.

It was almost too good to be true—we almost lost him once. I told my veterinarian, “I don’t care—just do whatever you need to for this specific dog, and I will pay whatever it is.” Be bold and courageous. And he was successful. He is doing well medically. He is free and unrestricted.

Lucky was able to make things better with the help of vets and Jamie’s enormous heart. He’s doing so fantastically now!

Jamie has had a lot of comments made about his appearance that are disparaging ever since he acquired Lucky. She doesn’t care, though, since she loves Lucky for who he is.

Jamie says, “When I first got him, I really wanted him to be associated with people, but people kept asking about his face and they would laugh at him.” I said, “Don’t worry, feel free to laugh.” I started tying knots for him. Just to counterbalance his characteristics and maybe highlight the aspects of him that, because of the tie, seem friendlier and less intimidating.

Jamie even decided to give Lucky a new name. She gave him the new name Beaux Tox for two reasons.

I called him Beaux Tox since it’s okay that he looks like he needs botox. We appreciate beauty in all of its forms. And it’s because the dog fees were so high that I don’t have botox!

Taking care of additional animals

According to everyone, Lucky is a gentle and carefree dog. Jamie takes great care of his younger sister in addition to helping to raise the kittens he adopted.

Jamie concluded, “I’m glad I got Beaux, and we still foster and rescue.” He’s taken in foster kittens. Any issue can be handled by Beaux Tox. He gets along nicely with young skunks and cats. He’ll watch the tarantula for an hour. To him, everything is exciting and incredibly fascinating.

What a charming story of adoption—and a perfect example of the proverb “you should never judge a book by its cover.” Just because an animal has a distinctive appearance does not mean that it is any less worthy of a chance at life.

Please forward this to your friends and family in remembrance of Lucky’s battle!

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