My Ex-husband’s New Wife Unexpectedly Contacted Me – What She Wrote Made Me Go Pale

My whole life fell apart when my husband, Kevin, accidentally called me instead of his girlfriend five years ago. Jess, I hate her. I abhor Bridget with all my heart. She is incapable of bearing even one child. Knowing that he was unfaithful and felt sorry for me because I was unable to conceive crushed my heart.




I received a sizable settlement during our divorce, which included stock in his company. Shortly later, Kevin married Jessica, the woman he had an affair with. I moved on, ignoring any news concerning them, until Jessica contacted me a month ago, frightened and in need of assistance.


She said, “I told him to get rid of it, but Kevin doesn’t want the baby.” The divorce caused him to lose too much money.


Despite our history, I chose to help her. I suggested that she move into my lake house when I took Kevin to court. My lawyer wrote him a letter outlining his requirements and warning him against harassment.


Our investigation of financial misconduct in Kevin’s organization led to his demise. In the interim, Jessica decided to keep the kid, and we became friends.

This experience provided me with closure because I knew that justice had been served and Kevin had to pay for his actions. Karma just needs a little prodding now and then.

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