The Surprising Benefits of Centipedes in Your Home

Any insect you come across in your home, you probably want to squash it immediately. After all, some insects could pose a threat to your health. But have you ever considered giving centipedes another go?

Those spooky, multi-legged monsters can give you the shivers, but they also keep pests out of your home. German scientists have discovered that centipedes are an excellent way to keep other little insects out of your house. As invisible pest controllers, they consume bugs, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, and even ants.

So instead of reaching for a shoe or a rolled-up newspaper the next time you spot a centipede hidden around your house, consider offering them some credit for their proficiency in pest control. Given that centipedes are safe and won’t disperse germs like other pests, it makes sense that not everyone will find them appealing.

It’s important to keep in mind that this does not mean you should invite centipedes inside your home. Just take their occasional presence as proof that they are doing their jobs. Lead them out carefully if you really can’t stand to see them, or let them go on their own.


Here’s another reason to think twice before snapping at the first bug you see and squashing it: you can unintentionally invite more pests into your home. For example, squashing a spider can send a wave of tiny spiderlings into your walls, where they will seek refuge.

Centipedes may not be the cutest creatures, but they are harmless, feeble, and unlikely to cause more harm than fright. So try not to let them frighten you! In fact, their appearance could act as a reminder that they are helping to keep your home safe from more harmful pests.

The next time you encounter centipedes around your house, think about their significance. Instead of squelching them if their existence disturbs you, consider alternate strategies for getting rid of them. By taking this action, you’re keeping pests out of your home and giving these little guardians the respect they deserve.

Remember that while there are benefits to having centipedes within your home, there are other insects you should never let inside. These include fire ants, which create excruciating blisters, kissing bugs, which spread lethal diseases, maggots, which can lead to serious infections, and bullet ants, which are notorious for their terrifying stings.

Accept your house’s small defenders and provide them the liberty to do their job. Moreover, be cautious to eliminate them if necessary, understanding the vital function they do in preventing dangerous pests from entering your house.

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