A Bride Won’t Change Wedding Time for Sister’s Nap Schedule and Stands Firm

When two people stick to their boundaries, conflict might occur. In today’s story, a woman stood her stubborn sister down by not giving in. Her reason was also legitimate: she was getting married.

The couple made the decision to tie the knot in the fall.

This October, my fiancé and I will tie the knot. We are overjoyed to be engaged in January. Only our closest friends and family are invited to the little wedding.


The trouble stems from my sister Lisa. Lisa has a two-year-old child that she shares with her spouse. I can’t include every explanation for why Lisa and I aren’t truly in love in one post.

Last month, invitations to the wedding were sent out. Our wedding ceremony is set to start at 1:30 p.m., therefore we asked our guests to kindly arrive at the location by 1:00 p.m. Lisa and the majority of the other attendees will be able to travel there with ease because the event is scheduled close to our hometown.

Lisa told me that the timing “wouldn’t work” because of her 2-year-old’s nap routine. She clarified that he rests at twelve and that she is not putting any pressure on him to stay awake in order to get him ready for the event; if he doesn’t, it would be a nightmare. I thought this was a ridiculous justification, even though I am childless.


When I asked Lisa, she told me she couldn’t obtain a babysitter since everyone she trusted would be at the wedding. I suggested that they at least attend the reception as she had stated she wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding.

She told me she wouldn’t be attending the wedding if the timing wasn’t modified. That was not feasible, I told her. Lisa said that she was not going then. This hurt my feelings so much. I didn’t know how to answer, so I abruptly ended the conversation with an explanation.

A few days later, Lisa asked me what I thought of her suggestion. I reminded her that the timing cannot be changed. I hope I’m relieved they’re not coming, she added, adding that everyone will be curious about her absence and that it’s all because I can’t bring my nephew. I told her angrily that the world didn’t revolve around her and her son. After calling me a bridezilla, she blocked me.


Despite my mother’s constant insistence that I apologize to Lisa, I just don’t believe I’m to blame.

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