Jennifer Lopez Wears Revealing Dress That Took 800 Hours to Make

It makes sense to assume that A-list celebrities and their crews give careful thought to what to wear on red carpets and significant celebrity events.

Ultimately, in a day when photos and videos can be shared almost instantaneously online, it pays to be astute when it comes to one’s wardrobe choices. Some celebrities these days feel obligated to choose their attire long in advance of an event, since some dresses can take up to 800 hours to construct!


At least, that was the case with the attire Jennifer Lopez wore at the Met Gala earlier this month. The singer, whose name is now in the news owing to speculations of her marriage to Ben Affleck, went all out with “Garden of Time” as the theme.

Lopez’s translucent, mermaid-style silver gown is said to have taken more than 800 hours of hand sewing to complete.


Moreover, the 2,500,000 silver foil bugles and beads that were utilized to assemble it produced an incredibly stunning sight when Lopez wore it on the red carpet.


The This Is Me Now singer undoubtedly received a lot of support considering the occasion, but let’s be honest—her detractors weren’t too quiet either.

Some of the criticism directed towards the celebrity’s appearance suggested that J-Lo was trying to hide her appearance through the use of photo editing software.

She shows how old she is. Face,” an Instagram user wrote.




Another said, “We’ve seen the unfiltered picture of this and it’s not the same.”

“You look old and wrinkly,” remarked someone else.

A fourth person asked, “Why does she edit her photos? Everyone knows that she is older.


Of course, Lopez is far more worried about other matters than the claims made by strangers on the internet.

Rumors have surfaced lately suggesting that she and actor Ben Affleck are experiencing marital issues. The two became well-known as one of the most “It” couples in the entertainment industry after getting married in 2022. Recent rumors, nevertheless, suggest that they might be splitting.


It’s important to note that at this point, everything is just speculation, and neither Lopez nor Affleck have provided any official confirmations. Nonetheless, this creates an intriguing situation if you subscribe to the adage that “there is no smoke without fire.”

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