Woman refuses to share inheritance, fiancé throws major tantrum

With a five-year relationship, a substantial fortune, and an overly ambitious fiancé, what could possibly go wrong? Welcome to the gripping tale of “My money, not yours,” in which a financial and romantic tension develops.

Our protagonist, the 32-year-old woman known as the Original Poster (OP), went to Reddit’s virtual court for a reality check following a heated disagreement with her fiancé. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey, people.

OP recently became engaged to her 35-year-old lover, which made her decide to begin planning their May 2025 wedding. However, the curveball life threw to me was a bittersweet inheritance.

The happiest, most concise ending ever? Unfortunately, that is correct. OP’s grandmother passed away and left her a sizable inheritance because she and her grandfather were such achievers. Then the big time came: OP had to break the news to her fiancé. As it happened, he had made some very intriguing arrangements.


The user wrote, “After I told him, he went from zero to one hundred faster than my microwave reheats leftover food.” But the day just fell apart. After that, she overheard her boyfriend brag to his gaming group, “I got enough money, buddy, to pay off my credit card!” A boy’s vacation is coming up!


It should be obvious that OP was not happy.

She moved directly to face him. She asked, “What money are we talking about?” while he was becoming excited from playing a game. His response? “From your nan, babe,” he muttered, appearing to be completely clueless.

Note: Things did not proceed well. OP angrily exclaimed, “Not today, Satan!” Ironically, she claimed the money could not be used for anything but her personal expenses, which precluded his buddies’ dream getaway.

The fiancé unexpectedly showed up and said, “We are getting married; you will become my financial burden,” sparking a full-fledged ranting match. Any money you take, I own too. I looked horrible in front of my friends because of you! Aw, the gallantry.

When OP saw her partner’s complete insolence, she took the only sensible action and departed. Though silence spoke louder than words, she worried if she was in the wrong as she made her way to her friend’s apartment.

Let the jury on Reddit start. The responses were really enlightening:


He is preparing to spend YOUR money somewhere else while you are away because he views you as a financial burden. “You’re signing up for a lifetime subscription to ‘Regret Magazine’ if you marry him,” someone said.

Is that accurate? Get married to this guy? Is he really going to plan a trip for the boys without asking you beforehand, and assuming he’s entitled to your money? “Red flags have officially turned into fireworks,” said a different commenter.


“Stop the wedding” is the big finale. Never wed this man. At the beginning, he has unpaid credit card debt? Secondly, what belongs to you is also his, and vice versa? Thirdly, rage and entitlement are classic telltale signs of a narcissist. Your grandparents’ parting gift to you contained not just cash but also a glimpse of his true self. Move quickly.

Take a big breath now. What are your thoughts? Should OP quit and go away? Tell us!

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