Jane Fonda, 85, Lily Tomlin, 83, Rita Moreno, 91, and Sally Field, 76, stun in gorgeous group photo

Famous actresses Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field dazzled in a recent group shot at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in California last week for the premiere of their most recent film, 80 For Brady.

The 85-year-old Fonda announced she was in remission after a battle with cancer and was able to quit chemotherapy after undergoing treatment for six months prior to the event.

The actress posted the following on Instagram at the time: “Last week, my oncologist informed me that I could stop receiving chemo because my cancer is in remission. I feel very fortunate and blessed right now. I want to thank everyone who prayed and thought of me.

“I am certain that it contributed to the positive news. I’m especially thrilled because my last chemo session was difficult and took two weeks to complete, whereas my first four chemo sessions were simple for me and only left me exhausted for a few days,” she continued.

At the premiere, the most of the actresses wore black, with the exception of Moreno, who opted for a chic leopard print skirt and an incredible red shawl that was secured with a brooch.

The comedy 80 For Brady centers on four closest friends who go on a crazy vacation to watch Tom Brady, who they are all crazy about, play in the 2017 Super Bowl. While at the premiere, the actresses spoke discussed the movie; Fonda said that meeting Brady in person made her “weak” in the knees.He was courteous and humble, which is difficult to imagine given how good he is at what he does, but it’s true, according to Fonda, who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter. He was also kind and courteous.

“When he entered my trailer, my knees truly started to give out. That level of talent is astounding to me. You must respect and honor someone when they are the finest in the world at what they do. I was simply in awe.In agreement, Tomlin continued, “Well, it was fairly great. He is a skilled actor. He is very approachable and modest. Simply seeing his face and eyes while he listens to me as I attempt to respond to him in kind. I had the impression that I was the Boston resident in her eightys. In fact, when I had to deliver this speech with him, I felt as though he were my son.

Brady had lauded the women for their roles in the film last year, telling The Hollywood Reporter that they had “found the most amazing actresses.” The movie marks Brady’s first feature picture as a producer. Jane, Rita, Sally, Lily, and Jane. They gave everything life. At the end of the day, it was really exciting to watch them perform and act.The US premiere of 80 For Brady is scheduled for January 28.

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