Dancers take to floor but it’s striped shirt girl that has all eyes on her when her feet start to move

She definitely made a splash! Have you seen how some tendencies from previous decades are resurfacing?

Although it is most noticeable in fashion, it can also be heard in music, movies, and even automobiles! Some cherished classics are perennial favorites that people want to relive. One of these fads that is now popular on TikTok is the Charleston.

Popular in the 1920s, it is recognized for its quick arm and footwork. It gained popularity in 1923 thanks to James P. Johnson’s song “The Charleston,” which was a part of the Broadway production “Running Wild.”

They were dancing the Charleston in their distinctive style. Ksenia listed the dancing moves she performed as the Happy Feet, the classic Charleston 20s step, the Fall Off the Log, the Over the Tops, and the Triple Step. You can visit her YouTube Channel to find out how to accomplish these.

The people chose Ksenia’s team as the winner after the challenge.

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