Lauren Engle’s audition for her late husband is a success. American Idol Judges Are Strict

In this motivational music video, singer Lauren Engle touches the hearts of the American Idol judges with an emotional audition for her late husband. You can’t help but be moved by Laura’s sad loss tale and her courage in following her aspirations.

Actress Lauren Engle is 27 years old. A split second was all it took for her to become a recent widow.

Seven years ago, Lauren and Garrett met at a Halloween party. 2014 saw the couple get married and start living out their “happily ever after.” Just one year before to Laura’s American Idol audition, a horrific event drastically altered everything.

After dinner, Lauren and Garrett were on their way home when they were rear-ended by a car that ran a red light.

After a particularly enjoyable night out, Laura revealed, “I woke up in the hospital.”

Laura wasn’t hurt in the mishap. On the other hand, Garrett didn’t. Laura was completely shocked by the setback.

I never thought I’d be a widow at 27 years old.

Inspired by her husband’s memory, the widow Keep Reading
Lauren had always received encouragement from Garrett to sing and show the world her gift. Laura is still motivated to go after her dreams by Garrett despite his absence.

No matter what, Laura added, “there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.” And I continue to look for it every day.

By submitting an application to American Idol, she is now carrying out her late husband’s dreams.

Laura Engle chose her own song, “Compass,” for the audition. The song was written by Laura for Garret and chronicles their relationship journey. Garrett’s brother plays the guitar to accompany Laura while she sings the heartfelt words, adding an extra personal touch.

The judges were all deeply moved by Laura’s sincere performance.

Judge Katy Perry stated, “I felt the emotion and I felt the pain.” “And I can’t even begin to imagine singing that, writing that, or even going through any of what you’ve been through.”

Laura Engle’s resilience in the face of adversity is extremely admirable. She certainly has an amazing path ahead of her with Garrett in her heart the entire time, especially with the judges sending her to Hollywood.

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