Simon Thinks Girl Is Crazy For Trying ‘Worst Song Ever’ – Until He Hears First Note

“X Factor UK contestant Gamu Nhengu captures Simon Cowell’s attention and breathes fresh life into a song created before she was born” in a three-minute performance.

When asked why she decided to become a singer, 18-year-old Nhengu replies that she wants to be someone and accomplish something that people will remember. In front of the four judges, she exhibits nervousness while speaking with conviction and assurance.

Nhengu chose the song “Walking on Sunshine”. It’s by Katrina and the Waves, a new wave band from the 1980s. Even though they didn’t have just one hit, Katrina and the Waves are most recognized for a song from 1985. The song “Walking on Sunshine” is a standard in nostalgic and 1980s films.

Nhengu reveals to the judges during her introduction that she has made some changes to her song. She doesn’t specify what she changed, whether it was a lyrical tweak or a different arrangement, so the audience and judges are understandably inquisitive. Nhengu does not disappoint her fans when she begins singing after the introductions are through.

While the other three judges are beaming, Simon Cowell appears to have missed breakfast and is feeling queasy. Simon responds, “I’m interested to see what you’ve done with this song,” in response to Nhengu’s claim that she changed her music.

Nhengu’s vivacity and sarcasm are immediately apparent to the listener despite Simon’s persistently despondent look throughout the song. Her modifications, however little, altered the song’s overall meaning. The beginning line of the chorus of the original song is “you’re my sunshine/and don’t it feel wonderful,” whereas Nhengu’s version begins with “you’re my sunshine/but you gotta go.”

Based on this, it is obvious that the song is about a breakup. Nhengu informs her that she should not spend her life looking for a future romantic interest. Nhengu’s powerful performance, including her body language, sardonic delivery, and attire, perfectly captures her disposition. Nhengu is wearing a floor-length dress and accessorized with a lovely rose bow in her hair.

The other judges are unanimous in their praise for Nhengu. She has “something extremely pleasant” about her, Louis Walsh exclaims, complimenting the young musician’s attitude, song selection, and liveliness. Walsh calls Nhengu “soulful,” and anyone who watches would agree.

But Simon didn’t seem really impressed. To be completely honest with you, Simon says, “I’m leaving.” When the room is silent, the house music is altered. I believe you sang one of my worst songs ever. Simon then takes a little pause. Then Simon says, “You did something different with it-I like you,” and everything seems to come to a complete stop.

Nhengu appears to be breathing for the first time in a while as Simon continues to compliment her jazzy approach. All four judges choose Game after she sobs while describing her mother. Simon even states “a million percent yes” as Nhengu’s lover approaches the platform to congratulate her joyful daughter. Sometimes it works best to flip things around to demonstrate how awesome you are.

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