Fans of Goldie Hawn were unable to identify the celebrity in the paparazzi images. Updated images of the 77-year-old actor show that Hawn sought the help of plastic surgeons. Supporters of Goldie analyzed the results of a fruitless intervention in the comments

Goldie Hawn admirers were unable to recognize the celebrity in the paparazzi photos. The 77-year-old actor Hawn sought the assistance of plastic surgeons, according to newly released photos of him. In the comments, Goldie’s supporters evaluated the outcomes of a useless intervention.

Who or what was injured by her?

She can’t possibly be shocked, can she?

She doesn’t seem like herself, so how could you treat yourself so well? How can medical professionals like these plastic surgeons treat patients like these? Oh, how on earth could that be?

Internet users have written things such, “I didn’t recognize her,” and “In my old age, I didn’t change in the best way.”

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