A 20-year-old student left everything behind and took on the responsibility of raising seven children alone.

Most people want to spend as much time as they can with friends, having fun, unwinding, and meeting new people when they are twenty. Sadly, not everyone has the financial means to fully appreciate their youth.

However, destiny had other plans in store for Christina. She was the oldest of eight children—the youngest was only four years old—when she lost both of her parents within two years, making her the sole survivor.

Social services got involved during the mother’s funeral and discussed dividing up and placing all the kids in orphanages. Christina was heartbroken at the idea of them being separated and worried about where she would find them all.

After some thought, Christina proudly announced that she would take care of her brothers and do everything in her power to assure their future together. Fortunately, the local officials stood behind her, and the guardianship agency gave the family six months to demonstrate that they could successfully live under Christina’s care as the oldest sister.

Christina was forced to quit her job at the university and start working from home in the country. In addition to picking up the kids from school and the garden, she took care of the housework and milked the cows. She cooked, cleaned, and did the laundry while the kids weren’t home.

Social services returned to the family six months later and found that they were doing well. Everyone was fed, clothed, and the house was tidy. Each child got a job because to Christina’s organization. The girls assisted with cooking and other domestic tasks, while the lads would tend to the animals.

The local government delivered water to their home, making it feel like a real vacation for the family despite certain hassles like having to gather water from a source several kilometers away. Christina showed a strong will to succeed and a genuine love for her siblings.

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