This woman’s husband left her because she had no legs, and she raised them alone. What do this woman’s children look like today?

While bearing conjoined twins, the girls’ mother, Sonia Salinas Fierros, was rendered unconscious for a sizable amount of time. She didn’t go to the clinic too much because her pregnancy was stable. Sonia opted to see a doctor in the spring of 2005 after becoming ill.

That’s when she learned the unexpected news that her future girls would be related to one another at birth. The decision to temporarily relocate from Mexico to the United States was made by Sonia and her husband Federico in order to visit a clinic in Los Angeles about the viability of separating the girls. Sadly, they were unable to leave the country before giving birth.

The birth of twins Renata and Regina on August 2, 2005, caught the attention of medical professionals. It was found that they shared several organs, which made the separating process extremely challenging. However, experts at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles started making the separation-related preparations, which took close to 10 months.

80 professionals put through 22 hours of nonstop work on June 14, 2006 to effectively separate Renata and Regina. Sonia and Federico watched the process with bated breath, waiting for the outcome. Thankfully, it worked, and the next night the girls each had their own bed, no longer sharing the same space as previously.

Regina and Renata gained international prominence after the news of the twins’ successful separation from Mexico soon made headlines throughout the world. Despite their daughters’ newfound celebrity, the parents of the girls choose to live a humble and sedate lifestyle and turned down many offers to appear on television programs.

The twins live in Mexico with their parents and pursue their higher education as they approach their 18th birthday. In a photograph, Renata may be seen wearing a red dress. Renata has some movement issues due to her back. She is, nevertheless, undergoing medical procedures that ought to return her to full health.

Renata and Regina have been able to live happy, meaningful lives because to the amazing work of the doctors and the continuous support of their parents. Many find inspiration in their trip.

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