Mom of black and white boys often gets asked which one of them is hers

Meet Daniel and David, Nigerian twin brothers who are alike but quite different. These adorable brothers have different skin and hair colors despite having the same parents and having huge brown eyes in common. In contrast to David, who is white and has golden-colored hair due to albinism, a hereditary disorder that affects one in 20,000 individuals, Daniel is black, just like his mother, father, and older sister.

No scans, according to their mother Stacy, suggested that David was different from his twin brother, so everyone was rather surprised when the boys were delivered. Speaking to Bored Panda, she explained how the first thing doctors informed her was “It seems you are having totally unidentical twins.”

Although health problems, particularly those affecting vision, are common in people with albinism, David’s mother is confident that he is in excellent health.

She also described how her spouse reacted when he first saw his boys.

Their father was so overjoyed that he instantly gave My Twin 2 (David) the nickname “Golden,” and now he calls him Mr. Golden. He was pleased to meet his boys. She told Bored Panda, “He stood for more than ten minutes staring at them and claimed he was just admiring God’s beautiful creation and that they were his best gift ever.

The family draws a lot of interest, although David’s unusual appearance is never brought up in jest.

Every time we go out, there are always side conversations. People want to know how and what is going on, and perhaps because they are so charming and adorable, you just want to approach them and say hello.

Stacy created an Instagram account for her sons in order to provide them the opportunity to share a story about appreciation and understanding. There, she posts numerous lovely images of her miniature works of art. They currently have over 26K international fans. They also receive offers from numerous modeling agencies, most of whom are based in the UK.

Everyone who comes across Daniel and David’s images is taken in by them. If their parents choose to accept any of the offers, we genuinely feel they will make successful models in the future.

Their mother claims that in addition to their differences in physical appearance, her boys also differ from one another in terms of their personalities. They will turn 3 in February of this year!

In their own right, Daniel and David are both exceptionally gorgeous people.

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