CSI star dies aged 35, leaving fans devastated

Actor Evan Ellingson, who gained popularity for his roles in the Cameron Diaz movies My Sister’s Keeper and CSI: Miami, passed away at the age of 35.

The renowned child star reportedly passed away on November 5. According to documents from the San Bernardino coroner’s office that E! News was able to obtain, Ellingson was discovered dead in the bedroom of his Fontana, California home.

Although the reason of death is yet unknown, the actor’s family disclosed that he had struggled with addiction for a long time. Ellingson’s father told TMZ that his son passed away in a sober living facility.

A day following the actor’s death, the family sent a statement to NBC News in which they said, “Our family is heartbroken by the sudden passing of our beloved son, brother, uncle, and friend, Evan.” “Evan was a deeply compassionate person who genuinely loved Jesus.” He had a smile that could light up a room and a charming, innocent attitude. He had a constant sense of concern for other people and a desire to use his own experiences with addiction to give others hope.

Ellingson’s family went on to say that although he had been clean for three years, he “recently relapsed” after receiving an opiate prescription for a dental treatment.

The child star had gotten his start in Hollywood with a small role in a TV movie and a guest appearance on General Hospital, but his bigger roles came in 2009 with My Sister’s Keeper, where he starred opposite Cameron Diaz, and CSI: Miami, where he had eighteen appearances over three years.Following that, Ellingson starred in a number of television series, including “Titus,” “That Was Then,” “Mad TV,” “Complete Savages,” “Bones,” and “24.”

Before his untimely death, he hadn’t been in front of a camera for about ten years.

In a memorial to the late actor, his former co-star Abigail Breslin said, “Evan Ellingson was a kind, funny, and extremely talented human being.” In a movie I made called My Sisters Keeper, he portrayed my older brother.

“Evan was a truly considerate individual who honestly cared about giving his finest performance—which he did. I still get shivers from some of his scenes in MSK.

In addition, he was gregarious, humorous, a joker, and a fan of Red Bull—a beverage I detested for its unpleasant odor.

Peace be with you, Ellingson Evan.

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