How a Woman Who Gave Birth at 60 Now Lives and How Her Daughter Grew Up

The story of 60-year-old Galina Shubenina became well-known internationally. Some people agreed with Galina’s decision, even if many others denounced her for making such a snap decision.


She wanted someone to love and care for her, so when her only son passed away, that’s why she decided to become a mother at such a late age.

Galina, who is eight years younger than Alexei, found happiness with him as her second spouse. They both wanted to continue their family’s legacy, which is what led them to begin their pregnancy quest.

Ultimately, the gamble paid off, as a lovely girl called Cleopatra was born in January 2015.

Television networks were so intrigued by this compelling story that they invited Galina’s family to appear on the program “Let them talk.” As a result, Shubenina’s story became well-known both domestically and beyond.

At seven years old, Cleopatra is a lively and active child who is developing into an amazing little girl. Galina’s kid attends a variety of organizations and events, and she gets plenty of attention from her parents, who want to develop her to be a model citizen.


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